Thursday, November 26, 2015

Good fences, great town

I've posted about the town of  Senekal before - when I placed photographs of the church with its fence of petrified stone. 

Last Tuesday Grant visited the doctor in that town (our doctor was on leave) for a pinched nerve in his left hip! Can you believe it? Now his arm is better, his leg gave him gyp. However, the doctor gave him an injection to relax the muscles and also prescribed anti-inflammatory pills. I, for one had been suffering with a stiff neck and migraine since the weekend. The doctor said I was so tense, that he actually had to administer two injections, one in each shoulder. An hour later I was fine. 

As always on the way up the main street before turning off onto the regional road which leads to Marquard,   I managed a few fence photos. 
An well-maintained old house with a pretty fence to match
Another old house in good condition with not much security around it!

This fence surrounded a huge corner property with a beautiful house placed quite far back 
Around the corner, I got a brief glimpse of the same property's beautifully treed garden

Just peeping out behind the tree, is the roof of the house which this stark wall surrounds. Not my style at all!
Double story homes aren't the order of the day in the country. However, this house always caught my eye and that day I photographed behind a green palisade fence
Heading home to Marquard, I managed a [blurry] photo of cattle behind the wire fence (note the cracklingly dry grass the cattle have to graze) 

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  1. The red fencing in the second shot is interesting...different. And then there i that wall. Now, that a real fence. No one is getting thru there. this was such an interesting series.

  2. some nice fences and properties there. i do hope you both will feel better.

  3. Sorry to hear about both your ailments. Hope you are less tense now and Grants leg is OK. Good fence shots

  4. today my favorite photo is photo one and my favorite fence is photo two. i love to see all the different styles of fencing you have there. oh nooooooooo on the left hip nerve pinch, i do hope his doesn't last as long as mine, i am on one week past 3 months now...glad the injections helped you relax..

  5. Hello Jo, pretty homes and fence shots. I like the view of the cattle too. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  6. I just read your profile Jo, what an incredibly interesting journey you are living! I thought the name Senekal sounded parents lived in Clarens (near Bethlehem) for a number of years...thanks for the sharing the fences!

  7. Sorry to be late commenting. We had company over the holiday and then I got sick so I'm just now getting around to commenting on GF - Sorry about the problems you and your hubby have been having health wise. Hope you both are feeling better by now. Some great fences here today. I liked those first two homes and fences very much. My that grass does look pretty sparse and dry in that last shot. Are you still needing rain?


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