Thursday, November 12, 2015

Good fences, great school

While meandering (on foot) between my B&B, the hospital and the shopping mall last week, I always passed the school Angus attended from 1994-1997. Prior to this Angus had spent the first year of his high school as a full term boarder at SACHS College, Cape Town. When we moved from the diamond mines in Namibia to the Free State, we transferred Angus to Saint Andrews School, Bloemfontein.  (Please click on this link to see more of the school, if interested. I couldn't stay long and take too many photos - see my comment under the last image) 

The neat fencing surrounding the school grounds

The school's logo was FIAT LUX  - embossed on each pillar

School security in SA is very strict and I (flashing my Smartphone camera through the bars) didn't want to be taken for a stalker or even worse! This was the closest I could get of the old-fashioned buildings

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  1. Hi great fence shot, glad you were not fooflish to get caught photograph the school. Looks a gret school. Loved the statue of the man dn boy

  2. Hello Jo, it looks like a very nice school and a pretty fence. Great shots. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. Those are some serious fences!

  4. a really beautiful fence and i am glad they did not arrest you for stalking. LOL..

  5. Wonderful looking fence, enjoy your day.

  6. Attractive fencing. I guess the sharp points emphasize the "keep out" message. Security must indeed be strict!

  7. very nice fencing! thanks, jo!

  8. Sturdy and secure fence - great find!
    The school looks like a great one to study at.
    Have a Great Day!
    Peace :)

  9. It's a nice looking school and has great fencing. I completely understand about the security. I once stopped to take photos at the school Coleen attends and soon a playground attendant was there asking what I was doing.


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