Saturday, June 24, 2017

A mix of critters

While the lands next door were being harvested we were thrilled to see a flock of about 50 Southern Bald Ibis. These ibis are quite rare and were almost wiped out by pesticides a few years back. They are very skittish and I struggled to get decent photos of any one of the birds. 

Southern Bald Ibis 

Visiting a friend at his home, I stopped to photograph this old chap 
I like all manner of critters; even metal ones flying above us! 
 Meet Archie, the new pony
 The miniature horse, Angus who missed his Uncle Romeo terribly, has fallen in love with Uncle Archie 
Both horses sport beautiful new blankets 
Walking with the dogs last week, I rested the camera on a bale and snapped the fields

The weather forecast for today in the mountains is -1 °C overnight with it warming up to 18 ° C during the day. We had had reports of snow and the skies have been heavy and gray but we wait to see what actually happens. 

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  1. I prefer the flesh and blood critters always.
    Your temperatures are a tad warmer than ours. Tomorrow? -3 to 13. No snow predicted. Or (sigh) rain.

  2. Hello Jo, how cool to see the Bald Ibis near your home. I hope they do well there. They are neat looking birds. Love the new pony Archie and I am so glad Angus has a new friend. Pretty landscape shot, you have a beautiful view. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. You've got a great selection of critters here.

  4. I am so glad they love each other and that they have each other and the kids have 2. so beautiful

  5. You must be very happy to have horses back on the farm. Love the photo of that big dog.


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