Saturday, June 3, 2017

Miniature horse critters

Last week John, Debbie and the children arrived home. On the back of John's Landcruiser pick-up, were the latest addition to the children's farm animals: two miniature horses. 

Skabenga and Eddie initially barked at the horses but gradually have accepted them as another two rather large dogs. 
 Here Skabenga shows off his toy monkey to Romeo,  one of the little horses
 A face off? 
 Eddie has decided to ignore the little critters for now...
 A close-up of the other little horse, Angus

These horses are very much like dogs. They are inquisitive: here Romeo comes to see what I was doing (taking photos!) 

Thunder and Missy are not at all tolerant of the newcomers. Every morning when the big horses are let out of the stables and into the large paddock outside the property, the children bring the miniature horses, who sleep in the middle paddock at night,  into the garden. 
 Missy out in the field - she's very dirty having rolled in some inviting mud left by the pivot spray 

 Skabenga goes to greet dear old gentleman, Thunder

In the middle paddock the winter Red-hot pokers (Kniphofia uvaria) are in full bloom. I cannot get enough of photographing this vibrantly colored display.   Of course, the sunbirds abound here and I managed to capture several bees feeding on this delicious nectar.

The most glorious sight in Debbie's middle garden

When I downloaded the photos, I was thrilled to see busy bees on the blooms 

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  1. How fun to have two miniature horses and those red flowers, wow, they pop with color.

  2. Love the miniature horses - but the red-hot pokers and bees are SPECTACULAR.

  3. I would love a miniature horse, something under 30 inches would suit me fine :-) Having had horses, cats and dogs all my life it seems so strange not to have any around any more. Nigel is allergic to cats, but we still had dogs in SA, and I used to ride the race horses at New-market (Jhb). Now my back will not let me ride anymore, and because we want to travel, we said it is not fair for a dog to spend a lot of time in kennels and also the expense as well.
    Lovely photos Jo and I agree the res hot pokers are amazing. Have a good Weekend Diane

  4. Those miniature horses are cute. Dogs always have to investigate anything that is new to their surroundings, they are funny creatures. The red-hot pokers are lovely and look gorgeous with the mountains in the background and the busy bee made its appearance in your photo, how nice of him.:)
    Have a wonderful day Jo.

  5. It looks like you are enjoying the country life with all the animals and those beautiful flowers.

  6. they are red hot and red beautiful. wow... I love those flowers and the bees look so happy.. the horses are really cute and are not to much bigger than Skabenga. glad they are liking each other... are the big horses still with you?

  7. Hello Jo, the miniature horses are so cute. I also love your cute Skabenga and Eddy and the other horses. Your flowers are so pretty, they look like the red hot poker plants I see here. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. I lovely miniature horses though I've never spent any time with them. They are just so cute. I also love all the colour in those flowers. Simply beautiful. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  9. Your menagerie is growing, even though miniature. They are adorable. But then Skabenga looks almost big enough to ride. Love those Red hot pokers. Bonus getting the bees.

  10. Those little horses are adorable!


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