Monday, June 12, 2017

Life in the old dog yet!

On Saturday we spent a wonderful evening with Steve and Estelle (Muthi's parents). We watched the French Open Ladies' Final and then watched our rugby team, the Springboks, playing rugby against the French. For a change, South Africa won!

While there I took photos of Muthi, the 147 year-old Jack Russell and sent them to my sister, Rose in Spain. She loved seeing the dear old dog again and told me they were also watching the French Open and later would watch SA versus France. 
Muthi, Steve and Estelle's old poochie who is 21 human years old 

While we sat and socialized, Estelle threw a ball for Muthi. Grant and I were amazed at how agile this old doggie (quite blind already) is and what a spring he has in his step. I took a video with my phone, and must apologize, I should have held the device upright and not sideways (landscape). So if you tilt you head you will get the idea of this old dog playing up a storm. 

Today is our grandson Israel's fifth birthday. Israel, whom we also call Benji, is a most unassuming little boy with the sweetest nature ever. Benji is the fifth child in this family of six. 



  1. Happy Birthday to your precious little guy, he is so cute.. and so is that really old dog. love the sideways video even having to crook my head.. I liked hearing all the joyful voices in it to...

  2. Hello, Happy birthday to little Benji! How old is the dog, you have 147? I enjoyed the video and the cute dog.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!


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