Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Burning fire breaks

At this time of year  - after the first frosts -  the farmers begin to burn fire breaks. Although I've spent most of my life surrounded by farming communities, I've never taken much interest in what a fire break's purpose is. 

Now we're able to watch many fields, paddocks and plantations being protected by this method. Last night I noticed that the pine plantation farm across the valleys fires made a beautiful picture. So I picked up my camera and snapped away. 

 The controlled fire breaks in the pine plantation across the valley as seen from the top of our hill

I turned around and saw the most beautiful clouds as the sun set behind me 

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  1. It could really be beautiful to look at from afar! But in small countries like ours we don't have them.

  2. Firebreaks can be an essential here. A life saver. A land saver...

  3. the fire on the ground is much like the fire in the sky and you know I love FIRE.. these are gorgeous. they do the same thing here in parts of the country, the controlled burns I mean... glad you went out and caught it for us

  4. Hello, I am glad the fire is a controlled burn. I have seen these control burns in some of our national parks. Pretty night sky photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  5. Great photos. We always burnt fire breaks around and across the farm in the good old Rhodesian days. Great memories. Diane

  6. Fires can make for some pretty pictures, can't they? Here in our country, these types of fires are called "Controlled Burns"... They are necessary here for sure... When our Smokies and the resort town of Gatlinburg had that horrible wildfire last November --people are saying that IF that area had done 'controlled burns' before that fire, homes/buildings/historical area/forests, etc. could have been saved.... More areas need to have controlled burns regularly.


  7. Amazing shots Jo, I can understand why they do it, its just a pitty they have to as there is certain to be wild life caught up in such practice.
    Take care, Gordon.

  8. Love the pink skies.Have a great week dear Jo!

  9. The line of fire is pretty and serves a very useful purpose. Great colour in those sunset photos.


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