Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dog training

(at this late stage, LOL!)

Several weeks ago, while unpacking boxes from our old home in Marquard, I came across a referee's whistle. I put it one side knowing what I would use it for training the dogs. Then I mislaid it but fortunately found it again earlier this week.

When the dogs and I walk in the paddock next door, I've noticed that Skabenga will bound down the hill and disappear out of sight. He always reacts to my calls and returns to run ahead of me on the servitude. When we get near the first boundary gate into the property, I always have look for Eddie. I KNOW she's snuffling in the dense shrubs but try as I might, I have a challenging time trying to get her to obey me and come into the garden. 

Two days ago, I put the whistle in my pocket (Grant still has to attach a lanyard for me) and once we'd left the garden, I gave a shrill blast on it. I almost jumped out of my skin it was that loud!  Skabenga stopped dead in his tracks and Eddie - well, Eddie just carried on running along the road.  
During the walk I used the whistle several times and especially when we got near the house and Eddie disappeared into the shrubs. Not that she listened...
The referee's whistle in the palm of my gloved hand 

Note how my Labrador, Skabenga comes running when I whistle and Eddie ignores me totally! 

Yesterday I used the whistle again. This time Skabenga was ready for it and stopped, looked back at me and only moved off when I told him to. Eddie didn't visibly react but I persevered. 
Dear Skabenga, always obedient to his Mum but even more so now she makes that sharp sound ! 

As we reached the garden gate, I noticed Eddie was out of sight. In the shrubs, no doubt. I took a deep breath and blew hard on the whistle.  Skabenga stopped and looked at me and Eddie erupted from the bushes into the road in front of me. 

Yippee! I think the whistle works.  



  1. Well done. Love Skabenga's red tongue flopping out. They must love their walk with you.

  2. what a great story, Eddie sounds like our Baby Girl. she was never one to come when called, the whistle is great, there could be a time when you need them to stop or come for safety reasons. best to be prepared

  3. Hello, love the Skabenga shots. He seems very eager to please, well done Jo! Happy Thursday, have a happy day!

  4. Shabenga looks as if she was laughing at you, lol ! You should try to whistle ! I still can do it but not so loud anymore. When Dario was a Teenager his friends admired his mother because she whistled like an old carriage driver !

  5. Well done. I had a silent whistle which was supposed to work wonders - it never did!!! Diane


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