Thursday, July 13, 2017

Quick trip to Marquard

For those who remembered how I lost all my cards, ID documents, driver's licences and my Smartphone on a bike trip in March, I had a wonderful surprise last week. I received a text message saying that my one data contract is due for upgrade.When I phoned the lady who always deals with my phone upgrades in Bloemfontein, she said I could upgrade the router to a new Smartphone. I have a bigger router so I'd not used this one since December. 

Long story short, I popped into the Vodacom shop and within an hour I walked out with a brand new Samsung S3 Smartphone. Exactly like the one I lost off the back of the motorbike except this one is gold. 

My upgrade new Samsung Smartphone

While I was busy in the cellphone shop, Grant bumped into a fellow biker who we'd met at the AGM in mid-June. Later we met for a coffee in the mall. 
 Grant and Gerrie enjoying a coffee

Later we met up with the president of the motorcycle association and of course, I took photos. 
Neels and Grant 

On Tuesday Grant had arranged for John and Jacob (who worked for him in Marquard) to help him load the heavy equipment from the storage. 
Brothers John and Jacob sitting on the bike trailer ready to help Grant load 

I looked for a few things in storage but actually don't need much more at this stage. However, I clambered up onto a pile of boxes to see if I could find my Harley Davidson boots. After opening three boxes, not finding what I wanted and trying to push the stuff back into the boxes, I closed them and turned around. I stepped down gingerly onto the second box and then onto my linen chest. My foot slipped and I tumbled to the floor with my left leg under my butt. Errrggghh. I could actually hear the crunch as I hurt my foot. 

By this time Grant and his helpers were finished loading and he suggested I pop into the doctor's surgery to check up on the damage. I saw the doctor's assistant, Tracy who examined my foot and fortunately diagnosed that nothing was broken or fractured. I'd just suffered a nasty bruise. 
My bruised foot which is going down with ice-packs 
and keeping it elevated

We duly said goodbye to MIL Pam, packed our cases into the car and bid Rina farewell. It's always such a pleasure to stay with her and it's always with heavy hearts that we greet each other. 

Entering the Golden Gate National Park I cannot resist taking dozens of photos as we drive down. The views are awesome. 
The Free State at its best! 
Once again, Grant stopped at the scenic dam where I'd photographed the cormorants on the way up on Sunday. 

The vehicle and trailer were loaded to the hilt

We arrived home in the mountains at 4.30 and unloaded our suitcases and personal effects. Yesterday morning Grant drove all down to the workshop and with the help of two men there, he's unloaded it and set it up to his satisfaction. 



  1. Ouch. That bruise looks v painful. I hope it subsides quickly.

  2. Hello, so sorry about your foot. I hope it feels better soon. Congrats on your new phone, the photos are very nice. Pretty shot of you and Grant. I love the view of the road and mountains. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. Lovely trip you had. Sorry you hurt yourself but very glad to know that you didn't break anything. That would not be good.

    It's nice to see the men who used to work for Grant. They look as amiable as ever. Where is Grant's workshop now? Is it on the property where you are living?

    I do love the scenery. Very beautiful and it's nice to be able to look at that when travelling.

  4. I agree about those beautiful views, so sorry to see that bruised foot. looks like pain to me... glad you got to see old friends. and yippee about that new phone. most of all i am so happy to see Jacob and John again and to see their lovely smiles. i know you miss them both.

  5. I miss rubbing shoulders with the old bike group. Quit the group when my wife stopped riding with me. Sigh.

  6. Beautiful scenery, it makes me homesick! Glad you have a phone again, we have never bothered with a smart phone, I have an old Nokia that has no idea what the internet is or a photo!!!
    Hope the foot recovers very quickly it looks very sore. Take care Diane

  7. Ouch ouch double ouch on the foot!

  8. Sounds like a nice trip and beautiful scenery. Hope the foot is healing.
    Enjoy the day!


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