Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fun critters

As I opened the farm gate last week, I spotted a movement in the fields beyond. A couple of meerkat were eating the last of the maize kernels left on the ground. Apologies for the quality of the photos; I took them through the windscreen not to frighten the cute critters away. 

The last two images were especially cute;
 the meerkat looks most business-like as it strides across the field 

The far concertina gate is too difficult for me to handle, so Grant always deals with it. As he was closing the gate, I watched as three children set off from their hut at the top of a small hill and subsequently sped down past the car. 

The expressions on these children's faces are interesting; the girl looks towards me as I take the photo (so typically female); the older boy is concentrating on getting up speed down the hill; the boy behind him has his eyes glued to the toy motorbike as it's hopefully his turn next 
 A caterpillar moving across the driveway last week 
 This butterfly has nothing to do with the caterpillar above; I took this photo on a hike two weeks ago
I always envy blogger friend, Eileen who posts beautiful butterfly images. I was thrilled to capture this beauty on that hike 

After the Polar Bear Challenge last week, Grant and I joined Steve and Estelle (and darling old Muthi) at their home. We watched the South Africa vs French rugby test match and enjoyed a few snacks together. It's never a late visit and by 7.25 pm we said goodbye and set off for home. At the gate to the property, we were thrilled to see a buck (deer) grazing on the lawn. Once again, I had to take the photos through the windscreen so please excuse the quality. 
A deer grazing on the lawn near Steve and Estelle's home 

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  1. A great shot of the children and the critters are all lovely to see. I like the shadow the deer casts in the light of your vehicle.

  2. Deer! And meercat! Wow.
    And I have a huge soft spot for flutterbyes too. And caterpillars. Thank you.

  3. great critters today. I have never seen a meercat except on TV and here of course and I sure have never seen a deer in the wild. that is a wild and wooly caterpillar.. gorgeous b fly and so glad you two are getting out and visiting. the children are so cute

  4. Hello, Jo! What a cool sighting of the Meerkat. I would only be able to see it in a zoo. The shot of the children is a great candid shot. The deer is a great sighting too, I worry when I see them so close to the road. Pretty butterfly and caterpillar. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Wonderful seeing the meerkats...and the deer. Great share!

  6. The meerkat seems to move with confidence.


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