Saturday, July 8, 2017

Various Critters

This week I have a small but "weird" selection of critters. On Thursday night we attended our monthly Probus meeting in the Valley. Grant and I had gone earlier than normal as I was helping the treasurer to do the registrations at the door. As we walked to the venue, we stopped to admire the resident cat who was having a fun time on the golf course. 

 Am I a handsome lad or what? 

The talk at Probus was about Egypt. One of the facts the speaker mentioned, was that the Scarab Beetle was sacred to the Egyptians. (this was one of the many creatures critters that the Egyptians worshiped) 
A curio in the form of a Scarab Beetle which the speaker passed around the audience

Back home on our bathroom wall, a Daddy-long-legs spider (Pholcidae)  female had caught a meal. The male, a tiny specimen,  sat a short distance from her. Taking photos of the female was quite a challenge due to the stark white wall behind her, but eventually I managed to get a few decent ones.  The next morning Grant discovered what the spider had caught: an earwig ! 

Daddy-long-legs female spider overpowering her prey with the tiny male spider in the top right-hand corner 

My sweet Skabenga hasn't featured to often in my posts lately. Yesterday Grant dressed him in a biker's buff and even though Skabenga immediately started to clown around, I managed to photograph the rascal! 

Skabenga looking sheepish and quite small wearing his dad's buff! 

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  1. Love your critters - and am fascinated by spiders. Sadly underated beasties.

  2. The cat is nicely posing for you, and Skabenga looking sheepish in the last photo is soooo sweet :)

  3. I like all your critters, even the daddy long legs, they are one of the spiders that don't scare me silly. good to know they eat earwigs. back in the late 70's, my friend at work was sleeping and a earwig went into her ear. it woke her up. she had to go to ER to get it out.... ever since then when I see one in the house I freak out... that is one handsome cat but you know whom I love best of all.. kisses to sweet Skabenga

  4. Hello, great collection of critter photos. I love the sweet kitty. Skabenga is my favorite, he is a handsome dog.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love the dog!
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  6. I currently have a few daddy-long-legs hanging out in the corner of one of our ceilings. They don't move too much until something crosses their path. I brush them away every now and then and put them outside. I love seeing your dog, he's a cutie.

  7. Skabenga is looking dandy. (but makes me miss my Molly...lost her in May. Labs rock...but I don't miss the whole blowing the coat thing)

  8. Great series of photos. Have a good week Diane

  9. Love the cat and the dog. The scarab beetle talk must have been interesting!


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