Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yoomen Kitty Tales

Hi everyone. This is Jo (and NOT Ambrose) I've sneaked in a post about the cats without him knowing. He doesn't like anyone plagiarizing his writing so I've decided to do it on a Thursday. He'll still have his glory on Sunday!

Earlier this week I watched Ginger with his son Ambrose. It's incredible how alike these two cats are; as Ambrose becomes older (he's five this month) he looks more and more like his Dad Ginger. 

And he still loves jumping up on the cushion where his Dad Ginger is sleeping and presses up against him until the older cat starts to groom him. 
 Ambrose being pampered by his Dad Ginger

 Wow, what a long tongue you have, Ginger! 

 This was an in depth...
...ear cleaning session
 Chappie watches the ablutions from the bed
Shadow rather catches up on his sleep 



  1. The look on Chappie's face as she watches Ginger and Ambrose is priceless. I wonder what she is thinking :-)

  2. Such great looking cats. Love he father-son combo!

  3. Hello, I enjoyed the kitty update and cute photos. Ambrose and his dad Ginger look cute snuggled together. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. they look liked identical twins. both are sooooo beautiful. but then so is Chappie and Shadow.. I do love a happy post and this is one. I have not had time to read the letter you sent me, will do it later today, now I am headed off to see how much I lost this week. see you later in email

  5. :)

    Personally, I'm a dedicated dog person

  6. All your cats look cool Jo, but the Gingers are really smart.
    All the best, Gordon.


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