Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crumbed Camembert - mmm...

Crumbed Camembert, drizzled with strawberry coulis and served with green fig preserve and Provitas

A few years ago my husband and I were touring the Western Cape on our motorbike. We stopped at for lunch at a restaurant in The Wilderness. We normally never order the same dish (I mean: he loves a steak and I only eat vegetables! ) This day however, we both ordered the Crumbed Camembert and have been hooked on this dish ever since.

When we got home, hubby who enjoys cooking announced that he was going to learn to cook Crumbed Camembert. A few weeks later he bought a wheel of Camembert , I looked up the recipe on the Internet and he set about preparing this delicious treat for us.

It is one of those meals that when you scoop up the last bit (albeit the tasty crumbs or creamy cheese oozing out of the wedge), you sit back with a sigh and reminisce about how divine it was!

Crumbed Camembert and desert lime spice (Jeffrey Eaton )
Serves 4
Cooking / preparing time – about 20 minutes

3 Camembert cheese packs
1 Cup plain white flour
2 Cups breadcrumbs
1 Egg
½ Cup Milk
140 g Lime Marmalade

Cut Camembert wheels into 1/8th wedges
Dip in flour
Lift and place in egg and milk mixture
Lift and roll in breadcrumbs
Allow to stand for about 10 minutes
Dip into egg mixture and crumbs again
Place marmalade in pan and bring gently to the boil.
Remove and set aside
Heat olive oil in pan and shallow fry the cheese wedges
Drizzle strawberry coulis over cheese (I used strawberry jam which I warmed in a saucepan on the stove
Serve with whole green preserved figs and Provita biscuits


  1. Jo, you had me salivating as I was reading this. It looks utterly divine ! How clever of your husband to recreate a restaurant dish at home. We can get Camembert here, & strawberry jam (but not the figs) ... still, I think I might just have to try it sometime (I bet it would go down a treat at a dinner party, too).

  2. Yes, it is absolutely divine, Lynda. I think if you don't have preserved figs, any other preserved fruit: ginger, oranges, in fact, any whole fruit/fruit segments in syrup will do; I hear from my husband, as I discussed your problem with him this very minute! He took me clothing shopping in a nearby town this morning, on the condition that he could buy a wheel of Camembert and make the dish again tonight! Spoitl brat! (Him, not me! Ha) Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo. Oh, PS !! I've just thought of something - if you don't have the preserved fruit, why not serve it with a selection of fresh fruit, especially your variety of berries when in season. I saw this tip/idea in a Fresh Living Magazine article only this morning. When serving something so rich and which is deep fried, fresh fruit compliments it very well. This time of the year I think of watermelon/spanspek/kiwi fruit etc, mmm? You will work something out, I know ;)

  3. hi...
    nice to find you...
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  4. Hi E-C-H-O-X, nice to meet you. Thanks for popping in. Jo


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