Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Quick Bike Ride Along South-Eastern South Africa!

The quaint little restaurant at the top of the mountains, with magnificent views across the Drakensberg and plains of Kwa-Zulu Natal

By the time this post appears I will be away on a short holiday. My husband and I are off motorbiking down and across the South – Eastern part of South Africa for about eight days. We leave at 7.30am and our first stop will be for breakfast at a restaurant on the top of the Northern Drakensberg .

Breakfast at the top of the mountain starts
with a refreshing cup of tea and biscotti.

Delicious health breakfast of fresh fruit, muesli and yoghurt drizzled with honey, is my choice

My carnivorous husband's choice is a Traditional English Breakfast of sausage, bacon, two fried eggs, mushrooms, toast and...

After this we ride down the mountain to spend the first night with our older son and his family who are at a Y-WAM discipleship school.

Here we are at the start of a trip we did last summer
On Wednesday we begin our journey in earnest with the first day trip of 592 km/ 370 miles to the next stop. We are booked into a Bed and Breakfast on a working farm at MacLear which is situated at the foothills of the Drakensberg in the Eastern Cape. (We won't be working; we will be wandering around the farm and looking out for special bird sightings)

From there we travel along the Eastern Cape coast stopping to overnight with friends in Port Elizabeth and then to the Western Cape where we’ll stay with other friends who have a beautiful Guest House overlooking the Knysna Heads .

We continue up to Route 62 in the Southern Cape (a biking route copied from Route 66 in the USA) stopping off to see friends on each successive day eventually visiting the
Karoo National Park
on the penultimate day of our tour.

At the top of a pass on Route 62

The Cape, like the rest of the country is renowned for its abundant bird life. We aim to do as much birdwatching as possible and to catch up with friends along the way.

My husband's pride and joy: his BMW 1200 GS

We return home towards the end of next week. I will have lots of photos and many stories about our trip across this beautiful country called South Africa.


  1. Wow Jo, what a vacation! I'd love that - although I'd think I'd rather go by horseback, lol! As for breakfast choices, oh my, what can compare your delicious healthy variety??? No fried eggs for me unless in the mornings unless it's brunch time!

    Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Thanks Toni, we did enjoy our holiday. Hugs Jo

  3. Hi Esther, yes, you'd do well on a horse. Me, now even though I love all animals, including horses and have ridden many times, it was always just to please my husband (who is a keen horseman)Now, on an "iron" horse, I feel as at home as I am in my office chair! I dont' ride myself on the open road,(I have my own motorbike which I use in town) I ride pillion behind hubby, but love everything about biking. Yes, that is my standard breakdfast. If I eat a "fatty" breakfast, I'm never satisfied so I'm thrilled that in most places in South Africa, you can order a "health breakfast" Thanks for popping in. Hugs Jo


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