Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Thursday Blessings

Above is my one guest bedroom(my houselady, Emily calls it the Blue Room) which Chane and Adam share when they stay over
Above is the Pink Room (yes, Emily again!)
Susan sleeps here on Thursday night

As pianist/electric keyboard player in our church worship team, I decided to take extra music lessons in order to improve my skills. When a tour team of three trainers from Creare Training Centre began to visit Marquard every week, I duly signed on for piano lessons.I have been going to classes every Thursday since March this year.
Here I just need to clarify. I have been playing the piano since I was ten and played the organ in church since my teens. However, now I am part of a worship team in a church which is a whole new kettle of fish to the traditional hymns and choruses I grew up with. I have had to learn to play chords instead of the melody of a song. I had to learn to play in a band with several other instruments and singers. Our worship team consists of two acoustic guitars, one bass guitar, drums and the electric keyboard. So, I continue to learn how to play the piano at the ripe ole age of fifty-something. In a few weeks I will do a piano exam but more about this afterwards (Ha!).

During the second school term, my younger son phoned me and asked if I would accommodate the three young people who come to Marquard every Thursday. I agreed immediately. I had come to know these youngsters over the months and knew that my life would be richly blessed by having them in my home.

Chane is an excellent drummer and teaches drumming and bass guitar. Here he is having fun on my son's set of drums which I'm looking after
We’ve had to do some fine planning regarding the arrangements. On Thursday evenings I leave for my Home cell (Bible Study) group at 6.30. The Creare team finishes classes and work at 6.45. They have their own remote for my electric gate as well as a door key. During the day I prepare dinner for them (more about this in future posts) and leave it on the Hot-Tray. They come in, have their meal, wash up afterwards and then they shower.
I also have trays set up in my guest rooms. Visitors can make tea, rooibos (a herbal tea which is very popular here in South Africa), instant or plunger coffee in their bedrooms. When the Creare children are here, I have cookies on a plate under clingfilm on the tray as well. They have the use of anything in my home. Sometimes they need to work on the computer. Other times they feel like playing music so when I return from cell with my keyboard, they “jam” together (“jam” = teen-speak for each person playing what he feels like on his instrument and blending with the other!)

The team "jam" together in my office:

standing is Chane, with Susan in front of him
and Adam to the fore of the photo

On Friday morning I have breakfast ready by 6.15. They enjoy yoghurt, fruit and juice followed by a full English breakfast (bacon, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and toast). They are always so appreciative of everything I do for them and say they have their “power meals” here. During the rest of the week when they travel, they live in school hostels and have to make do with boarding school fare.
The three youngsters are Adam (tour leader) who teaches piano and vocals. Chane (pronounced Charney) teaches drums and bass guitar, while Susan is the art and photography teacher.

Note: Creare Training Centre is a theocentric Arts, Skills and Ministry training centre based in Bloemfontein, South Africa. It was established in 1994 and continues to train and reach not only South Africa but also other countries far and wide. Creare Training Centre has a vision to train and equip all people from all walks of life:

In the ARTS.
In gaining SKILLS to improve the “quality of life”.
Through MINISTRY, by using the ARTS and SKILLS with a view to reaching out.


  1. Dear Jo, I have been reading your blog since your first post and love it ! Especially the inspirational and gardening posts.

    I have learnt such a lot. Keep it up and God Bless you and your family,

    Jean (Lynda's Mom ) presently staying in Chartwell North, South Africa

  2. Jo your home & accommodation (not to mention delicious meals !) is like a 5 star hotel ! How wonderful that you help them out like this each week :)

  3. Dear Jean, thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I learnt so much about my blogging from Lynda. I, too love writing life testimony posts as it uplifts me when I am spiritually challenged as I was last week. God bless you too. Hugs Jo

  4. Aw thanks Lynda, you know how I love to have the children every week. Now that I've "introduced" them to my blogging friends, I have many recipes that I've made them that I will post. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Jo

  5. This story touched my heart. God bless you Jo for helping these young people and God bless the young people for their ministry.


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