Sunday, February 28, 2010

Khartoum Budgies

Rambo (pictured above and below) and Sweet Pea (not visible) are our two Khartoum budgies. We inherited Sweet Pea and Pretty Boy from the general manager when he went on leave last August. You can read about this here and here. While I was in South Africa waiting for my visa, Prettty Boy died. Apparently from old age. Grant went out and bought another budgie exactly the same and within a day of watching his enthusiasm and sef-confidence in the cage, he named him Rambo.

Now with a younger suitor, Sweet Pea has become to much more confident and recently has taken to spending most of her day lining her nest (although when I Googled it, I read that budgies don't use nesting material). To date she has not laid an egg - I think Rambo is still a little young.
Meanwhile, Rambo talks to himself in the mirror for ages, and also hangs around the mouth of the nest box chatting to Sweet Pea. He often feeds her seeds and bits of lettuce but I've not managed to get a photo of that yet.
Sweet Pea peeks out of the nest at me taking photos

I cannot seem to get them both ...

... in focus at the same time

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  1. I hope you don't end up with same problem as our doves. We haven't seen eggs in weeks, but nothing fertile anyway.
    What will happen to the budgies when you return to SA?

  2. They are cute, Joyful?

    Gaelyn;) I don't know what we'd do with baby budgies anyway... But she's enjoying the broodiness while he thinks he's the bees knees! The general manager, who owned the female (and other male, now late Pretty Boy) will look after them. Less than one day for you!

  3. Cute photos and enjoyed their story.

  4. Lovely pics! So funny to see Sweetpea peeking out like that... And what kind of dancing is Rambo doing in that first photo? ;-)

  5. sweet poses. I always cannot get enough of their expressions sandy

  6. Adorable! Sweet Pea is so cute peeking out of the nest. It must be amusing to watch Rambo talking to himself in the mirror. :)

  7. They're soooo cute and what a great story they have!! Hope you all have a great week!

    Sylvia, Sam and Mojo

  8. Hi diane; they have quite a story, especially Sweet Pea Thanks for your kind comment.

    Hi Ladyfi;) she is more often than not in that position. I wonder if Rambo is doing a courtship dance?

    Hi Sandy;) they have the most quizical expressions. I love them too.

    Hi Diane;) they are both so cute and Rambo really loves the other bird in the mirror!

    Hi Sylvia;) they are a real source of pleasure to me here in the Sudan without household pets like my cats and dogs. You have a wonderful week.!

  9. Wonderful photos - and how kind of Grant to find another companion immediately for Sweet Pea. She would have been very lonely otherwise.
    I bet you're counting the hours now before your return to SA.

  10. Hi - aw, they're very cute, we're pretty sure we wouldn't woof at them, although we do like to woof at most birds, he he he!!

    Especially love the Photo of Sweat Pea giving you 'the look' because of the flashy box. Our humans are always pointing the flashy box at us - sigh!

    Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  11. Hi Jabblog;) Sweet Pea took to Rambo within one day and is a different bird from the one I got to know in September last year. I am looking forward to going home but will miss all here while I'm gone.

    Hi JD and Max;) thanks for not woofing at my budgies. They don't know dogs but would love you, once they were used to you, I'm sure. I agree we humans have to show off with you beautiul guys on our blog posts!


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