Sunday, February 28, 2010

Morning has broken over Omdurman

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  1. Have you heard the gorgeous song, "Morning has Broken", Jo???? It's one of my fav's..... What a beautiful picture....

    I'll post on Monday-- we took a gazillion pictures... ha


  2. What a beautiful and serene scene to wake up to!

  3. I envy you being a morning person. I thought I was as I go for a walk at 6:00 am but I'm never up early enough to see the sun rise.

  4. Betsy;) this is why I chose this header - one of my all-time favourites and my darling husband whistles it beautifully! I cannot wait to see you photos! (((Hugs)))Jo

    Thanks Linnea;) it is...

    Hi diane;) 6am walking is early. And you, like I have to do this before the heat. However, these past two months the sun has only risen at 6.35 here being winter. When I return from SA at the end of March, I'll have to be up there at 5!

  5. It does look like it was a beautiful morning!

  6. A beautiful sunrise, I was wondering why you are up at the crack of dawn but reading a previous comment about the heat later in the day I now know why!
    I enjoyed the budgie post and pics.

  7. Yes, Eileen;) winters here are terrific, cool (a bit dry - well very!) but always good weather.

    Hi Peggy;) thanks for your visit. I love your clean-looking allotment and applaud you and your grandson for the hard work.

  8. Jo:Wonderful capture, how I love this view.

  9. That is a timelessly beautiful shot.


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