Friday, February 5, 2010

Full Moon over Khartoum

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  1. Beautiful moon series. The city buildings look modern and well kept from this view.

  2. Great shots of the full moon and skyline. Looks like a metropolis.

  3. Do you know what is so neat?????? Even though we are many miles apart, we still see the same moon... Isn't that just incredible?

    Great pictures.

  4. That moon looks lovely. Did you take the photos last week? I took some full moon photos about a week and a half ago which I posted on my blog. Maybe you've seen them :-) I also saw the full moon on a few other blogs I follow. So nice we can all share in it.

  5. Thanks Janie. I don't have my zoom lens here - was in for repairs when I left South Africa. Even so, I thought these came out quite well.

    Hi Gaelyn;) it is quite the metropolis.

    Absolutely Betsy;) when I see the moon, I think of all my beautiful blogger friends across the world, who see the SAME moon! (((Hugs))) Jo

    Yes, Joyful, I did see yours and many other full moon posts. Thanks yours was beautiful too.

  6. What an incredible group of moon shots, Jo, I love them! What a great looking city! At least from your photos! Great skyline! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


  7. Incredible views. Is that from your house? How awesome.

    Happy weekend dear friend.

  8. This is stunning series of moon photos. I missed to take moon photos last week due to the heavy snowstorms...

  9. Great shots with that gorgeous African, orange hue and a very different skyline.

  10. The moon seems to cast a beautiful earthy glow over the Khartoum buildings! Fascinating!

  11. Wonderful shots, not only of the moon but the city itself.

  12. Jo: Very cool shot of the setting Moon just as day breaks. I hope you get linked in.

  13. Thanks Sylvia, thanks Julie. These are with my normal lens so I thought they might seem mediocre on the post. I'm pleased you think differently!

    Hi Regina, we live in a flat (apartment) on the first floor of a building. These photos are taken from the second floor which is a flat roof above our apartment. There is plenty of scope. Thanks for your kind comment.

    Hi Randi;) thanks. I want to pop over and see where you're from;)

    Hi diane;) you;re always so sweet about Africa. Have you been over to any of the countries (East Africa/South Africa)?

    Yes, Gemma, the light is very soft at this time of the morning.

    Thanks Brenda!

  14. great shots of the moon over the buildings.

    How you were able to capture all of them at different times, in different colours, and with varied amounts of light.. Amazing! :D

    p.s. I agree with betsy-- haha, looking at the moon shots from last week (including mine), it's amazing we're looking at the same moon-- and if you look closely at the spots, you'd know it's the same one! ;p

    It's cool to see it in pictures in different parts of the world--all taken differently too.

  15. The moon is one of the most beautiful things in our universe. I love how it the sun and stars, are the only thing that is the same no matter where you are.

  16. Jo...your moon shots are is your apple pie! How is your new grandbaby doing? Are you moving home soon?

    That laundry did a great job!

  17. That's the same moon we have in Florida (... I think?). Have a great weekend!

  18. Yes, Grant, the moon, the sun and the stars are absolute constants. Amazing.

    Hi Lori, thanks. Grandbaby is home with proud mum and dad and thriving. I'll do a post again soon. We should be going out by end March.

    Hi Robert;) it is indeed LOL

  19. Time and patiences pays off. Thanks for sharing this wonderfully documented moments of the full moon.

    Have a good weekend.

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