Monday, February 22, 2010

Khartoum Visit to the Dentist

Grant is involved with the grandchildren and dogs

He's capable of riding for thousands of kilometres
as we tour the country
But he's petrified of dentists...

For the past three months my husband has been suffering with toothache. I noticed that no matter what he did to alleviate the agony(anesthetic spray from the chemist, pain killers, chewing a clove) it just would not go away.
Last week I mentioned that there is only one cure for toothache. Grant looked at me expecting to hear of another immediate cure. My answer: "Go to the dentist and have it seen to" The pain was obviously so bad that he called Marcel, who had told him of the excellent dentist he has been going to for years. Marcel rang back within ten minutes: he'd secured an appointment for 6pm on Saturday.
Over the next few days, I watched as my poor husband struggled with the ever-increasing pain in his mouth and the fear of what he had to face on Saturday.

The dentist, who spoke excellent English, met us at the top of the stairs and welcomed us to his surgery. I thought this was very professional; I'm not sure, though, whether Grant was encouraged by this gesture or even more nervous. (lol!)

We had to wait in the dentist's reception area while a family of little boys had their teeth examined. Eventually it was Grant's turn. When the dentist beckoned him to the surgery, he fair jumped up and ran inside. While he was in there, I popped outside to photograph the dentist's name plate on his door. As I returned to the reception, I saw Grant walk out of the surgery with a sheet of paper in his hands. It was a prescription for antibiotics. He had an abscess under the tooth (Ouch, no wonder the pain had been so bad) and would return to the dentist in a week's time.

Strangely enough, now that the toothache has subsided and he'd been to the surgery, Grant seems to have lost his fear of dentists. He said Dr Hamo was most professional and would commend him to anyone in Khartoum reading this post.
Once back in the city centre, we hit the Saturday night traffic.


  1. Great learning experience for Grant. Now if you can just get him back.

  2. Hi Jo,
    I can relate to your husband's dislike of dentists, I don't like dentists every since I was a little girl. The only person I knew worse than me, was my Dad, he would suffer for days before giving in to a visit to the dentist.
    Hope your husband is feeling better.
    Sunny :)

  3. Ha Gaelyn, the swelling has gone down and there is no more pain, but he's assured me that he will go back on Saturday- he doesn't relish a replay of this type of pain!

    Hi Sunny;) Your teeth look beautifully healthy so you obviously made sure you don't have to visit the dentist too often!

  4. i'm with Grant. Fear of dentists. I have a wonderful dentist, whom I have been visiting for 30 years but I'm still nervous when i go. I broke a tooth eating nuts the other day and he fixed it without too much discomfort. I blame my fear on bad childhood experiences with old fashioned drills.

  5. OOps sorry I forgot to give Grant best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.

  6. Ohh, poor Grant. I think an abscess is one of the MOST painfull toothaches... Henk was al ook daardeur, en tipies man, was daar nie tyd vir 'n tandarts nie. Die pyn was later so erg - ja, niks help later vir die pyn nie! - dat hy op 'n Sondagmiddag die tandarts in Senekal moes sien!!

    Glad that Grant is feeling better!

  7. I agree, diane;) it must stem back to dentist visits in his childhood. His brother is exactly the same. Thanks for the good wishes - I've passed them on.

    Hi Ida;) ja, dis wat my altyd "tickle"; los dit todat dit 'n noodgeval is. Ek kan dink dat Henk dit ook tot op die nippertjie gelos het.

  8. I hope Grant has a speedy recovery, an abscess under a tooth does sound painful. Glad he had a good experience at the dentist. I'm kind of doctor and dentist shy myself.

  9. This Ozarks farm chick shares your hubby's fear of the dentist. I've been quoted as sayin', " I'd rather birth a babe than go to the dentist." I've got it bad! Heeeheehe!

    I enjoyed my snoop through your blog.

    From the hills and hollers of the Missouri Pondersoa, ya'll have a wonderfully blessed day!!!

  10. Sorry to hear of your husband's bad tooth. You and he are very fortunate to have such an excellent dentist available. The office premises look very modern and contemporary too.

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