Sunday, February 21, 2010

Up Close and Personal

Aircraft coming in to land at Khartoum airport (Photo taken with my Sony Cybershot from our moving vehicle)
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  1. Hi Jo,
    Great pictures!
    Sunny :)

  2. You could almost wave at the pilot. ;-)

  3. Whew..... Looks like that airplane is landing on top of that building. I'm sure it is not---but it looks that way. Great pictures, Jo.

    Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead. We are headed to Arkansas tomorrow.

  4. Great captures Jo. It looks very sunny in Khartoum.

  5. The plane seems to be travelling in its own personal lane right along with the highway of cars! Amazing sight!

  6. Looks very close to the road, great shots.

  7. Wow! Thats close. Hope they never mistake the road for the runway. Was it noisy?

  8. Hi Sunny;) thanks and good to see you !

    Hi Gaelyn;) I think I'll wave to him next time, ha!

    Thanks Betsy;) may you and George have a blessed and safe trip.

    Thanks Misalyn;) it is sunny here and steadily warming up. Just when I was beginning to enjoy the mildness of "winter"

    Hi Gemma;) Yes, it does seem like. But this is normal. They're coming in to land on the airstrip of Khartoum Airport. Time and again. I'm always amazed at the amount of air traffic here. I can see them from the roof of our apartment.

    Hi diane;) They have this perfected! Ha-ha. I couldn't hear because we were travelling as well.

  9. when my son was a boy he loved when I took him to the airport so we could watch the planes land and take off
    I still find it amazing that such giants fly
    great shots, especially from a moving car

    thank you for your visit and your kind words

  10. Hi Diane;) My two sons also LOVED airplanes when they were little. Now our three-year-old grandson loves it when Gran has to fly to the Sudan, because he gets to see the planes at the airport. Thanks for popping in.

  11. Oh my goodness, up close is right, beautiful captures! I was at the Tucson airport briefly this morning but didn't see any air traffic except for birds.

  12. I am not familiar with that plane, Great shot though.

  13. Awesome. That landing strip is pretty close to the road. I love watching planes land. Thanks for stopping by at my SS. Enjoy the week.

  14. Jo! It's been a while since I've visited you----how long have you been in Khartoum? I don't even know where that is, exactly...Beautiful pictures! God Bless!

  15. Great shots of the plane landing, especially since you took them from a moving vehicle!

    Have you heard anything from Esther? I emailed her after I couldn't leave any comment on her blog post yesterday, asking her if she was still in Taiwan and if she was all alone or with her brother and sister. So far nothing back. Maybe she is in transit back to Niger? It's unnerving that she has disabled comments completely and taken everything else off her blog.


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