Saturday, October 27, 2012

Birds in Tanzania

For those readers who've been following my blog since before I moved to Tanzania, you will probably remember the many posts I had with dozens of birds seen in Kenya. Since we've been in Tanzania, although Grant and I go out birding regularly once a week, the situation and environment is just not the same. Whereas previously we lived in the Eastern Highlands of Kenya in the Great Rift Valley, here we live in a much drier and flatter countryside. However, I have taken many photos which I've posted periodically. 

Last Saturday, Grant phoned me from the office and asked if I'd like to take a ride through the mine with him. Of course I said yes, and within a few minutes he'd collected me armed with binoculars and camera. As it was mid-morning, we didn't expect to see much  but for it was a welcome break and good quality time together.

Towards the end of our drive, we had to pass a wetland area where we often spot many waterbirds. Grant slowed down and we weren't disappointed. I managed to snap several photos of a heron which sat quietly on a dry branch in a patch of water.

Grey Heron

Back home in my garden the birds are visiting my new enclosed shamba/garden where I've sunk two small ponds, planted various shrubs and flowers and also distribute bird seed. 

While I see a variety of sparrows, Red-cheeked Cordon-Bleu, Spotted Palm Thrush and Black-headed Weavers, I normally only hear the Love-birds calling from the trees in my larger garden. Last week I wandered outside with my camera and  photographed this colorful bird while it feasted on fruit/pods above me.
Yellow-collared Lovebird

The Yellow-collared Lovebird occurs naturally in Northwestern Tanzania (where we live) but was introduced to Kenya where it hybridizes with Fischer's Lovebirds.

 This morning I'm off to my pottery classes after which Amanda and I will pop over to the pool for a refreshing dip!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. Beautiful birds, Jo. Enjoy your pottery and your dip in the pool. Saturday, I am trying out a "new to me" spa treatment. After that, if all goes well I hope to see a movie called "Come Back Africa", a documentary of SA, released in 1959.

  2. Beautiful birds --especially the Yellow-collared Lovebird... Such a beauty!!!!

    I haven't done much birding lately---but still feed my backyard birds and enjoy watching them.... Such FUN!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Nice shots of the heron and lovebirds. Glad to see you still get out birding. Look forward to your next pottery project(s).

  4. Hi Jo, love the Grey heron and your beautiful Lovebird. He is a pretty one, love the colorful birds. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

  5. Your bird watching was successful ! I better close your post right away, Arthur is around !

  6. They are great shots of the birds. I like the lovebird's colours.


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