Thursday, October 11, 2012

Full photos of our grands

A comment from fellow Blogger, Ann (here)  on my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday mentioned that I hadn't showed the baby's face. Today I decided to show who the little one is, and also show full facials of all our beautiful grandchildren.

This is six-month-old Abby who featured in my post yesterday

This is Abby's brother, Joel who is two years and seven months old (and motorbike crazy!)

Abby and Joel are the children of our younger son and daughter-in-law, Angus and Amanda, who live in our home town in South Africa. So although their house is only 500 meters from ours, we only see them when we are "home". Fortunately there is Facebook, cell phone CHATS, Skype and e-mails for us to keep in touch.

These are our other grandchildren: Bethany, (three), Joshua (six), Eryn (nine) and Elijah (two). Eryn is holding Israel, who is three months old

The precious little family on their dad's vehicle with Debbie holding Israel 

Four of the five children smiling happily for the camera!

Eryn, Joshua, Bethany, Elijah and Israel are the children of our older son, John and daughter-in-law, Debbie. They also have a home in South Africa (about 300km from our home town) but are currently living in Mozambique. Once again, John and Debbie send us photos and CHATS to keep us all connected.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day.


  1. You do indeed have beautiful grandchildren, Jo!! Thanks for sharing this photos with us!!

  2. Thanks for sharing these Jo. It's fun to see John & Debbie's kids growing up after having met three of them.

  3. Precious! Abbey and Joel definitely look like brother and sister!

  4. love the first photo
    baby and toy have the same expression

  5. Oh, Jo, your grands are just so precious and adorable. They all received the beauty genes! I'm glad that you are able to keep in touch with them so well. (((Hugs)))

  6. Adorable grandchildren, Jo. You're so fortunate.
    In our family, my brother Clint and his wife Maria have finally become grandparents after years of being sure it would never happen. Their eldest son, Scott, and his lovely Megan are the proud parents of a sweet wee boy named Malcolm James, born last week and as cute as can be.

  7. They are all very handsome ! Toby too loves motorbikes I just saw one yesterday and think that's a nice gift for Christmas !

  8. Beautiful little children Jo! You can be so proud! love and hugs Rosemary xoxoxo


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