Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pottery in Mwadui

On Tuesday I learned the first part of how pottery items are fired / baked. When I arrived, Amanda and Tilla were already selecting the stuff for the process.

I had one flat serving plate ready and also a small dish which I'd painted for Sonja a couple of weeks ago. Soon I was waiting my turn at the glaze bucket, submerging the objects, counting one-thousand-and-one; one-thousand-and-two; one-thousand-and-three and removing it out to place on the table in the sun!

Amanda removing a plate after immersing it into the bucket of glaze

Tilla, right, holds a damp sponge with which to wipe off surplice glaze on her plates while Amanda dunks another into the glaze. The oval serving plate at the bottom of the photo is mine
Dishes bowls, spoon rests and plates are placed in layers in the oven/kiln. These are my two items (well, the round bowl is one I completed for Sonja) ready to be baked

Today I collected and brought home the little dish I'd completed for Sonja. I'm hoping that her stepson, Marnitz will take it home to SA for her next month! 

All in all this is still a great learning curve with me making quite a lot of mistakes! Amanda is a wonderful teacher and after our strenuous morning in the pottery shed, we've decided to meet later at the pool.


  1. My Mom and I use to do ceramics...loved it.
    Beautiful projects Jo!

  2. Love your new hobby Jo. You are SO clever! Well done! I love the oblong platter and the dish with green leaves - brilliant! love and hugs Rosemary xox

  3. Wat naam ekke sien nooit! Miesie slim!

  4. You have taken to this like a duck to water, Jo. What an artist you are.
    Luv, K

  5. Isn't that a wonderful feeling when you work with your hands and you create something ?

  6. It's so great to work with one's hands isn't it? Such a feeling of accomplishment! It sounds like you are having a grand old time. I wish I was there too. Hugs.xx

  7. Lovely dish. Pool sounds nice. It is warm and sunny here.

  8. I like your dish. Practice makes even better. Pool sounds nice as it's warm and sunny here.


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