Monday, October 1, 2012

Family visit in the Drakensberg

I've mentioned before that our older son and daughter-in-law, Debbie, were staying temporarily in Mossel Bay. In the interim, however, John has accepted a position in Beira, Mozambique and he, Debbie and the children have been living there for the past eight to ten weeks. With cell phone contact and texting we managed to keep in touch but were certain that our leave periods in September would not overlap. Their leave would only start in the last week of September; Grant had to have eye surgery in the middle of that month and we were flying back to EA on the 24th.  What a lovely surprise when John sent us a message to say they were in the Drakensberg and would love to see us. Grant and I had returned from our bike trip in the Cape so I duly booked a cottage which we have used regularly in the past to accommodate us all. Grant and I drove down to meet them there.

We only had one evening and the next morning together but suffice to say, we managed to fit in all the catching-up on news of their exciting - albeit challenging - new expat life in Mozambique and needless to say, I took oodles of photos! 

The children have grown (as children are wont to do!) since we last saw them in April. And of course, little Israel, now three months old, wasn't born yet at that family outing.
Joshua, (6); Eryn (9) with Israel (3 months); Elijah (2) and Bethany (3) 

Eryn and Joshua, our two oldest grandchildren, are very well-spoken and have beautiful manners.  Bethany and Elijah are so close in age, they're often mistaken for twins. They are a fun-loving, mischievous and highly intelligent pair. While I took photos, Bethany would tell me to "Stop, Granny. You forgot to lift that black flap." (the camera flash!) Afterwards, she and Elijah would dash up to me to see the photo on the screen. I can remember a two-year-old Eryn doing that as well. This is the digital age, and all our grands only know this medium of memories.
Three of the clan sit around the coffee table where I'd set out cheese, biscuits and a preserve. This fascinated the little ones who held up their crackers for me to add jam!

Our firstborn, John with our youngest grandson/grandchild, Israel 
 Our first daughter-in-law Debbie and oldest grandchild/granddaughter Eryn. Two very special young ladies in our lives (PS Israel is "undercover" on his mom's lap!)
The "twins" share a joke! At ten months apart they certainly are very alike
The oldest Hedges with the youngest Hedges

The next morning I blow-dried the two girls' hair after which Debbie did the plaiting (Brings back memories of my mom doing the same many years ago!)

Isn't this...
... too precious?

As you can see from the photos on this post, we have the most beautiful grandchildren, ever. (And I'm not biased, ha!) 

We spent a short but very special time with our precious family and all went away feeling blessed by the meeting!

I'm slowly catching up with blogging and blog visits and thank all who continue to comment on my posts.  

May you all have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Hello, Jo! You do have a lovely family. And totally agree your grandchildren are beautiful. So glad you got to spend some time with them. Great post, have a wonderful day!

  2. You are not biased Jo. Okay, maybe your are, lol. But you do have very beautiful/handsome family and the grands are so sweet.

  3. So nice to see John's growing family. Glad the visit worked out.

  4. They are gorgeous grandchildren and so many so close together. Debbie must be a super hero to care for them all and stay sane.

  5. Hallo Mom, what a great post - am I biased or what? Thanks, by reading your blog (ahem I do you know) I always keep up to date with your lives, which is lovely for us all as a family. Blessings, love and hugs to you and Grant. We pray this time together is truly blessed!

  6. You do indeed have a beautiful family!! What a delight to be able to spend time with all of them! Wonderful captures for the day, Jo!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  7. Goodness Jo, The family IS beautiful! So glad you enjoyed the surprise visit!

  8. You do have the most beautiful grandchildren ever, Jo. They all have stunning blue eyes, as do John and Debbie. I am so glad you got to spend time with them, even though it was brief. That's how our visits are with our middle son and family.

  9. What a wonderful little family... I have always said that children raised in LARGE families are VERY well-behaved... Looks like that is true when it comes to your grandchildren... All of them are beautiful. I know you miss seeing them grow up... Kids do grow and SO fast.


  10. Jo, your grand/children are beautiful!!! What a very precious little group of people! You and Grant are really blessed! John and Debbie look so happy and content as well! What a joy to one day meet with them!!!
    love and hugs
    your sister - Rose xoxoxo

  11. How wonderful for you to get that unexpected time together! I'm so pleased for all of you, and the children are indeed precious.
    Luv, K

  12. Looks all very nice and full of harmony ! Your grandchildren are all very handsome !


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