Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mfanyakazi a mwezi - endelea

"Worker of the month - continued"

 "Pongeza, Regina" Salome, congratulates Regina under the poster which is displayed for the month.  Salome who was our first "Worker of the Month - July 2012" is expecting her first born - a boy - and the doctor says it could come "anytime now!"

After lunch yesterday, I called the Guest Staff together for our monthly meeting. After thanking them for the support and continued good work, especially during my absence while I was on leave in September, I asked them if they remembered what this meeting was all about. They did and all answered me most enthusiastically. Once again explained that not receiving the award, didn't mean you're a bad worker but that during the month I watched to see who was punctual, who followed instructions to the letter; who actually "shone" at their job,  I told them too, that after discussing my choice with Babu (this is Grant, who although he's the "boss" is also respectfully referred to as grandfather!),  we normally agreed on the person I 'd already nominated!
The indoor staff display some of Regina's prize (The askaris and gardeners were out to lunch!) 

Yesterday I reminded them that the lucky person receives a number of household items, such as maize meal, rice, sugar, tea, coffee, dried beans and several treats like jam, biscuits and sweets. If the winner is a woman I include cosmetic items like soap, talc powder and body lotion while the men receive cash to the approximate value of the ladies' goodies. 

This was the third consecutive month that I'd presented the award and I think they're beginning to understand that, while the tangible prize of groceries is important, then equally special is the fact that the Worker of the Month is being honoured for work well done.

To answer Diane's question in her comment on my post yesterday, I think they're pleased to have me back. As for me, I'm always pleased to be back in Mwadui!

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  1. Jo, I think your "worker of the month" is a great idea. I am sure they enjoy their prizes. Great post!

  2. Oh Jo---you are just so thoughtful and kind to the workers. I love the fact that they are getting recognized for their hard work... LOVE it... God Bless You..

    Cold here this week... We've had a fire in the fireplace all week... LOVE it.

  3. Excellent idea, I think it's very encouraging for all of them !

  4. What a wonderful way to honor their work. Great idea.

  5. You are such an inspiring "boss," Jo. This is a wonderful way to honor those who have been diligent in their work. It inspires others to work harder.


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