Friday, October 19, 2012

Blue Skies over Tanzania

A lane of Coral Trees in flower topped by the beautiful African sky

For more beautiful skies, click here

Many thanks to all who have sent messages and comments and for praying for two of our dear sweet grandchildren who are ill this week.  Both Abby and Joel are responding well to the physio therapy. Joel still looks a little droopy eyed and feverish to me, but Angus says he is cheerful and managed to eat a little today. Abby is assisting her parents by being a most well-behaved little girl. Sweetie pie! 
 Abby listens to music on a set of earphones. I love her bib which says: Do not disturb; up late last night! 
 Joel, although still "not himself" is smiling and has had a bite to eat as well

Thanks again to all for their care, concern and prayers. 




  1. So sorry to hear of your grandchildren being unwell. I do hope all will be well in a few days.
    Love the avenue of coral trees, we have them in parts of Australia as well.

  2. Joel is looking much better. And that little Abby just looks like an angel.

  3. Oh, they both look wonderful, and it's especially heartwarming to see little Joel smiling! Hugs to you, dear Jo!

  4. Lovely sky and scenic photo, Jo! I love the trees. Your grandchildren are cuties, I hope they are feeling better now. Have a great weekend!

  5. Beautiful sky, Jo, and beautiful news about your grandbabies. Abby is sure adorable, and Joel is indeed starting to look like himself again.
    Love and warmest wishes,

  6. Cute pictures ! he doesn't look that ill ! The red cheeks are certainly from the fever.

  7. Beautiful sky and colorful trees!
    I'm glad to read that your grandkids are doing better.

    Regards from Barcelona.

  8. That is a beautiful shot of the coral trees lining the road!.

    I am so glad that Abby and Joel are feeling better. I hope the recover quickly and have no lingering effects from their illnesses.


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