Monday, October 8, 2012

Mfanyakazi a mwezi

aka "employee of the month"

Once again it's time to present my award to the employee of the month. Regina, who also works for me, is one of remaining four sisters previously employed as Guest House staff. Not only does she speak perfect English, she also loves and cares for our three cats as if they were her own. Regina works in my house until 10am; then she goes across to the Guest House and makes a garden salad and fruit salad for lunch. She then cleans the Guest House bathroom and keeps the fridges and freezers (there are three of each) in impeccable order.

In between she supervises Pendo who cleans the expats' flatlets, and Armani who cleans the lounge, dining room and kitchen. She also keeps an eye on the two gardeners and checks that they don't turn the back entrance, the garbage can area behind the storerooms and the garden compost heap into a tip. This is an old habit in Africa:  rubbish mixed into the fruit and vegetable peelings bucket, or plastic and paper thrown or swept out the door and left there to be tramped in by passing feet, or blown away by the wind.

So Regina is a gem to me and asset to the company Guest House. It was no hardship for me to make her Employee of the Month today. 
 Regina, employee of the month, surrounded by the other Guest House Staff

I thought I'd post a photo without all the accolades to show how beautiful and gentle this lady is

I hope you 're all having a wonderful week.


  1. Must be nice to have such competent help around.

  2. Congratulations to Regina!!

  3. She is very beautiful and sounds like a real help to you as well.

  4. She is beautiful, and has such a sweet, gentle face. How fortunate for both of you to have one another as friends.

  5. Regina does indeed sound like a gem. You are fortunate to have such a great worker, well, lots of great workers!


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