Sunday, July 14, 2013

Home at last!

Hello all my mum's blog readers; it's Ambrose here at last again! Our yooomens went away again for a L O N G time and when they returned, mum was not like her normal self. Although she greeted us and made a great fuss, telling us how they missed us, she spent many days not doing anything. Well, except making barking noises like the scary dogs out in our garden.

She also spent the days lying on the bed (which I loved, because I lie at her feet!),  not once turning on the computer. But, phew! I was so glad that this week she seems to be fit and well again, going out to see her friends and also working on her laptop. She's also been taking photos of me, Uncle Ginger and Uncle Shadow which means she is back to normal again! I also managed to sneak in this evening and do a post after such a long time! 

I heard about color-coding which I think, means wearing colors that make you look pretty. Well, cats can't wear clothes, but they can look good against the right coloring! 

Mum took a photo of me on the end of her side of the bed; I'm not sure if this blue suits me!

Mum also snapped Ginger resting on the blue and gold pattern with a pretty colored cushion behind him. I think he looks pretty good (well, they say he's my dad, so he should look good!

Shadow blends well with the golden brown and white of the blanket which matches his Sudanese coloring

Mmm, I think this surrounding coloring of red and gold is definitely me!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better, Jo. You really had a rough time... So sorry...

    Great photos of your kitties --and the 'colors' they choose....

  2. Your mom certainly took good photos of all you cats against just the right colours. Tell your mom 'hello' from me. Take care about the dogs.

  3. Oh yes, Ambrose, you're such a tiger!
    Now let's hope your mom and dad stay home for a while!
    Luv, Kay and Lindy
    Lindy says to tell you her mom and dad went away in the car, and they took her.
    "Across the province, up some very big rocky mountains (oh, that's their name, Rocky Mountains) and over lots of rivers and some more mountains, to visit my mom's family and friends. One night I had a dog-sitter, a nice boy named Riley, who shared his treats with me, took me walking five times, and had a nap with me, too. Do you think my mom would let me get a 12-year-old boy of my own?"
    Luv, Lindy

  4. Fortunately it's over now and your mum has returned to normal life ! I think you are all very nice furniture decorations !

  5. Jo, I hope you are feeling better. Love your kitty photos, they all look very comfy! Have a great day!

  6. You sure look fabulous in all your pictures, Ambrose.

    wags, Ginger, Buddy and Shadow

  7. I'm so glad your mum is better, Ambrose. You look fabulous against the blue bedspread and your dad look great on the blue-and-gold patterned chair with the lovely peachy pillow behind him. You have good genes.


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