Monday, July 15, 2013

Lunch in the bush

Yesterday a group of us friends met at Songwa dam a few kilometers outside Mwadui for a bushveld lunch date. The men wanted to make a potjie (food cooked over an open fire in a three legged black cast-iron pot) and we ladies were happy to relax while they did the work!

Quite a lot of organizing was involved as we had to take everything with us. I packed two large cooler boxes with glasses, serviettes, tableclothe, lemon, ice and everything in between. Amanda did the same and Rob and Nsia packed similarly except Rob brought the vegetables (which we'd bought on Friday at the Shinyanga market), the meat and the black pots.

Andre, Grant and Rob hard at work preparing the vegetables for their potjies

Great concentration while they apply themselves to the task in hand

We three ladies relaxed while the men "slaved" away in their makeshift kitchen

 Grant was in charge of the vegetarian potjie (front), Andre browned the lamb shanks for the meat potjie, while Rob concocted various sauces and seasonings to add to each one!

Although it seemed as though we ladies sat with our hands folded, this was not the case Amanda had brought her cache of beads, wire and tools and we each sat and made bangles to add to the packs of goodies which we're giving the girls at the blind school in Shinyanga later this month.

Grant took the photo a little too far away to see all the boxes of beads and our handiwork, but I'll be posting about this project which Amanda initiated and in which all the expat ladies have become involved

In no time at all the children from the nearby villages crept up to the line of trees near our picnic spot. Grant and Andre arranged with Adam, who owns the club nearby, to bring a case of sodas which I handed out to the children. After lunch, which was delicious, and ending with bread - and - butter pudding, fruit salad and ice-cream, we dished the huge remainder of meat, vegetables and dessert into empty ice-cream containers and gave to the children to take home. We also left Adam, who is fasting, a substantial amount rice and meat casserole to enjoy when the sun set last night. 

 Children from the nearby villages were treated to sodas, dessert and meaty food to take home to their families

I trust you all had a wonderful weekend and wish you a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Beautiful way to spend a day!

  2. Mmmmm, potjies are the best. That is after a proper braai that is. I haven't done a proper potjie in ages. Perhaps I need to go see what meat is in the freezer and do one this weekend.

  3. What a treat that the men cooked while you relaxed!

  4. What a nice picnic that was!

  5. That must have been a very funny day ! The word potjie, must come from the dutch word potje, because it's means the same !

  6. How nice of all of the men for doing the cooking --and letting your ladies relax... That is awesome.

    AND--it was awesome that you gave the left-overs to the children to take home. NEAT...

    Looks like everyone had a great time.

  7. What an elegant and delicious outdoor lunch the men made for you. It was so generous of all of you to give the leftover food to the children to take home to their families. And kudos to the men for preparing the food!


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