Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pottery classes continue

Although making toys, games and eats for the children at the School for the Blind took up a large part of the last four weeks, we ladies still managed to get to pottery twice a week during July.  I hadn't created anything new because I'd been on holiday, but many of my items had been bisqued and were ready for painting. One such item was a platter which I'd molded on a tea tray. When I saw the plate in the raw, I knew exactly what I was going to paint on it.

Ambrose left and Ginger, right 

Anyone following my blog and who know my cats, will see the uncanny likeness of both cats in the picture! (Shadow will get his 15 minutes of fame sometime soon! )

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. That's fantastic! I SO admire your creativity - probably because I don't have any of my own!!

  2. Wonderful drawing of the cats! Very talented Jo. Thanks for checking in. I keep up with you even tho I don't always comment.

    carolina mts

  3. Jo, well done! Love your kitty plate. Happy weekend to you!

  4. Oh, look, how did I miss this? It's a good thing Ambrose mentioned it. I'm sure that must be Ambrose on the left and his dad Ginger on the right.
    Luv, K

  5. That is a delightful platter, Jo! I'm sure Ambrose and Ginger would love to have food piled on them!


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