Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mirror images

Hi Bozo and mum's blog readers. It's Ambrose again. I managed to sneak into mum's laptop documents while she and dad were at the club. Mmm, shows what kids get up to left alone at home while parents go out! Anyway, I think she knows I do these posts (how could she miss them!) and seems quite happy about it.

This week mum's ord-robe (what's a ord-robe, I wonder?) door fell off. It didn't just happen at once. It's been hanging askew for many months. We kitties have watched while she opens it carefully and then tries to get it to shut again. Quite a tricky business. And then it fell off completely. She made a funny noise when this happened (do yoomens meow too?) and lay the door on the bed. 

Of course, I hopped onto it immediately and saw another beautiful kitty on the door too. Mum saw him too, because she fetched her camera and took photos of both of us!

Then dad Ginger noticed the cupboard was open and he LURVES getting into cupboards. He jumped up and lay on mum's shorts. Uh-oh, I heard her tell him not to jumble up the shorts!

Mum then put the door against the wall and Uncle Shadow suddenly also noticed the other pretty kitties in the room!  

Dad Ginger also came to see the other kitties, even trying to find them behind the door. 

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PS: Did you see the painting mum made of Dad Ginger and me? 


  1. No, I don't remember see the painting of you and your dad Ginger. I forget a lot of things. I must search through your mom's blog to see if it is here.
    Lindy says "It looks like all three of you had fun with the mirror on the off-door." LOL
    Love, Auntie Kay

  2. Oh my, look at all those other cats. You have quite a crowd at your house. Did you invite the other kitties to dinner?

    Our Mama looked around and found the painting. It looks just like you and Dad.

    Cindi Lou & The Kitty Krew

  3. Never met a kitty that didn't love a mirror!

  4. I'm glad to see they are not fighting with those other kitties. I see that (a cat attacking his reflection) often on "America's Funniest Videos," a popular TV show.


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