Tuesday, July 23, 2013


As the world watches and waits for the latest baby Royal to arrive to Prince William and his lovely Kate, my thoughts turned to how this little one will be received. It will definitely have its own bed when it's big enough for one.  Like my own children had; like our seven grandchildren have. Like most privileged children in First World Countries have.

When Amanda visited the School for the Blind in Shinyanga, she was already planning on making the children a few toys. (No-one realized how big this project would become!) So while she was shown around the dormitories, she quickly counted the beds. She arrived at a figure of 130. Later, back home and when we all decided to do something "big" for these children (there are other children who aren't  blind children, but have been discarded by their families, but more about this later), she asked the Head of the school to send her figures of how many children there are altogether. When he text-ed 260 children, she suddenly realized that she'd never thought that the children sleep two to a bed! 

As I said: to us, your children and children, my children and grandchildren all had their own bed, as will the newest Royal when the time comes.

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We woke up in East Africa to the news that Will and Kate had a little boy! Congratulations to the happy couple!


  1. The simple things that we in the developed nations take for granted. God bless Amanda and all those who are helping to bring cheer to the children there.

    I haven't forgotten about the little blind boy you wrote about on an earlier post. How is he doing?

  2. Oh, Jo. So sad.
    There was a time when I had to share a bed with my little sister (she kicked!) but not for very long.
    By the time I was a teenager, we each had our own room.
    I did wonder when you said Amanda counted 130 beds, because I know you were planning on 260 cupcakes, etc.
    Luv, K

  3. It is good there are people like you and your family that care enough to try and do something that might bring a little joy into the lives of the less fortunate.

  4. The royal baby has really caused a stir around the western world. It is sad about the thousands of children that don't have a bed. You are doing great things to ease their plight a little.

  5. I don't even have to go that far. Some families are so poor that they live in 2 rooms with 6 or more children ! And our children want to have their own rooms !

  6. Oh Jo, how heartbreaking....

  7. Hi Jo...I'm doing better, thanks.
    we always shared beds growing up....but my children didn't... Saw pictures of the royal baby today....

  8. That's so sad about 2 children per bed at the school for the blind, but they are blessed by you angels who bring them lovingly made gifts.

    I imagine that for some children, after a time they feel comforted by another child with them in the bed...warmth and closeness. But when they get bigger, it's probably not comfortable.


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