Monday, June 29, 2015

Cutest pup on the block

On Saturday we celebrated the first two weeks since Skabenga, the pup became part of our family. He's grown since then (from 2.1 kg to 3.2 kg)  and is such a darling little lad! As I mentioned a week ago, he's almost fully house-trained. I've also decided to feed each of his three meals a day in half-hour servings. This is to teach him not to gobble and that we avoid the same tragedy which befell Angie. 

Rina and I are very busy baking and selling koeksisters ; we've added donuts to our repertoire and will add cakes and tarts soon. Ever time we go out selling, Skabenga goes with us. He's an excellent selling point! When we return home, he collapses on his mattress and sleeps for ages. Grant has named him the Sales Director!
Exhausted after a hard day at the office! 
Faaaaast  asleep, dreaming about his successful sales! 

I've been asked whether the pup is wearing a T-shirt. It's the doggie coat we bought when we took Chappie to the vet about ten days ago. It's almost too small. We're in a nearby town at the dentist today and will pop in at the vet's surgery to see if they have bigger coats for sale! 

The children next door love to pop over after school to visit Granddad and Granny. Abby loves animals and is crazy about Skabenga.

Have a great week. 


  1. very cute. good sales ploy. :)

  2. HI Jo Loved seeing your grand children and the pup on the video. Have a lovey week. Your baking business has taken off. well done.

  3. Hello Jo, your Sales Director does look exhausted. He is so cute, adorable photos. Have a happy week!

  4. YES he is the cutest pup on the block as are your grandchildren the cutest on the block. loved the growling video

  5. Indeed he is such a cutie and what a voice !

  6. Indeed! A sweet pup and beautiful grandchildren.


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