Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our life these days...

While in SA we're experiencing a very different life to that of expat on a diamond mine in Africa. Angus and Amanda and children visit often (they live next door!) and we're raising a pup at the ripe old age of sixty-something. 

And Rina and I continue to bake and sell homemade goods. 
On Saturday I was up at 5, rolling and cutting the dough prepared the night before. Rina awoke at 6.10 and plaited them into koeksisters
We stand side by side and kook: Rina deepfries the koeksisters in hot oil on the left, till golden brown. Then quickly tosses them two at a time in the ice cold syrup on the right. I dunk it which causes it to absorb the syrup. Then I use a rice, lift the koeksisters (two at a time) and place in the colander next to the pot
The shiny, deliciously decadent, crispy...
 ... sweet and juicy when bitten into!

Then we pack them in punnets, load them and the Canine Sales Director into the car and go sell! 
After which the Sales Director passes out on mum's bed with his pet spider 

On Saturday the children popped in from next door ...
...enjoyed a soda while sharing our lunch ...
...after which we all watched Moto GP on the telly

Two weeks ago Rina and  I went to the dentist in nearby Senekal while Grant took his motorbike to the city. I had my annual check-up and Rina had the mold made for a spare pair of dentures. Of course, after the dentist we visited Milady's a ladies wear boutique. Rina's purchases went into a lucky draw. A week ago, Rina was phoned by the shop's manageress; she'd won the draw which was a prize of a bottle of Guess perfume and a Rihana evening bag. Today - two weeks later - Rina had to go back at the dentist for her denture fitting. Afterwards we stopped off at Milady's where the manageress presented her with the prize! 
Rina receives her prize from the manageress of Milady's 

Meanwhile our youngest grandson, Liam has taken to a dummy at the grand old age of six months. His mum didn't want him to have a dummy but as he's growing up and begins teething, he's started to suck his thumb. 
Darling little Liam - all smiles with the dummy/pacifier in his mouth.

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  1. Your cats are cute and that child is adorable. I love the picture with of the dough right up in the middle of the picture taking up most of the frame, it feels like somebody is going to feed it to me! It seems like you have quite a lovely life. Although now I can't tell if those are treats for animals or not, because they look like little doggy bones. I would try one just don't tell me if they are for dogs or people, so I won't be anxious either way. This is probably too intimate of a comment but I guess I am an intimate mood. Thanks for a little journey with this post of yours.

  2. HI Jo Yes lifei s very different for you in S.A than in the mining community but it must be wonderful to have your grand kids so close. You seem very settled now and perhaps it s time for Grant to totally retire.

  3. They look delicious ! Our pediatricians recommend dummies, as babies have the need to suck. If they get not a dummy they will start to suck on bedlinen, tissues or thumb and that is bad for the teeth ! I can imagine that Liam is very happy now !

  4. he looks so cute with that dummy in his mouth.. my first son refused one, my second one kept his until he was 2 and threw it out the window of the car, we said gone gone.. the baked goods just look delish... congrats to Rina on her win.... and hugs to the sweet sales director.

  5. Hello Jo, Liam and your grands are so adorable. Congrats to Rina for winning the lucky draw! Your homemade sweets look delicious. And I love the sweet pup! Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  6. Yes your life sounds very different. You also sound like you may be missing the expat life but it must be fun to be close to family. The twisty thingies look and sound delicious.

  7. You and Rina sure stay busy with this new business venture. I'm drooling over the koeksisters.


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