Thursday, June 11, 2015

Good fences, good bird

On Monday Grant had to take the car into the agency in a nearby town. Ladybrand is a border town between the Free State and Lesotho. Because of this, many diplomats, army officials and other government employers shop in this town. 

After collecting the car (the agents couldn't find the slight rattle which is irritating my perfectionist husband) we drove to the town center for a spot of shopping.  There are supermarkets, clothing shops and hardware shops - the latter are Grant's favorite retail therapy houses. 

The only thing this town doesn't have is a decent place to have a meal. 
Driving through the residential area looking [in vain!] for a place to eat

I focused on fences...

Driving back home on we stopped at a popular farm stall which served us brunch! 

I of course, took photos of the critters wandering around outside. More about this in Eileen's Saturday Critters post. 
I only realized afterwards, that the window glass played havoc with the my photos
The Common Fiscal was enjoying his meal as well

I'm linking to Good Fences Thursday here

Happy Thursday to you all.


  1. Hope you didn't starve to death. Does nooneeat there? it is unusal not to find somewhereto eat. Now there is a business opportunity for someone. Perhaps the glass was dirty for your photos. Anyway great fences. Africa has certainly got fences.

  2. Hello Jo, wonderful collection of beautiful fences. I love the cool Common Fiscal, a great bird. Maybe the farm stall was a healthier choice for eating in the end? Have a happy day!

  3. A town without a place to get decent food? Glad you found the farmer's stall and saw fences along the way!

  4. one thing for sure is you can always find a fence to take a photo of.. these are really nice ones to...

  5. Solch ähnliche Zäune haben wir auch hin und wieder um Villen herum !
    Hier ist mein Zaun

    Greetings from Germany

  6. that bird is so cute. :) i like the mix of brick or concrete with the wrought iron fencing. :)

  7. Great fences. I love the pictures of the little birds on the fences. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lots of neat fences there for sure. They seem to like the Iron fencing with the stone pillars. Too bad you had such a hard time finding a decent place to eat.

  9. Oh that sweet little bird on the wire is so cute, and all the other fences and walls are just lovely too!

  10. i enjoyed my ride with you! and i laughed at the facebook post where you were hacked lol....i know that couldn't be you!

  11. lol about the facebook post...i was thinking of a different jo! anyways, i still enjoyed the photos!

  12. You have captured some nice fences, and I like your bird shots as well, but 'm no expert on photography so don't see imperfections until they are pointed out to me.


  13. Nice passing captures! My albums are full of the same type of photos.


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