Monday, June 22, 2015

Puzzling disaster!

Three weeks ago Rina unpacked the next fourth puzzle called The Secret Garden and started on the edges. I think I had a hand in part of the edging. She continued over the weeks; I found several parts of the pagoda/tea house which I build in sections on the painted Masonite boards Grant made for this purpose. 
The top right hand corner shows the partly built pagoda. I was busy the remainder on the board just visible to the right of the photo

Overall Rina built the whole puzzle on her own. At 5 last night she found the last - er - second-to last puzzle. And realized one piece is missing. 
The white space is glaringly obvious of the piece that's missing!

She was so disappointed and distraught. We carried the puzzle to a quiet spot in my house. This morning Grant will personally sift through the dusty and [cat] hairy contents of our vacuum cleaner; just in case a piece had fallen onto the floor and Erica vacuumed it up. But I personally don't think so. I think the puzzle piece went missing during the packaging.  I've taken photos and will e-mail them to the book club from which I order my puzzles. I'm sure they'll send me a replacement piece. 

Watch this space... 

And no post these days would be complete without a picture of our darling puppy!

Happy Monday everybody and have a great week! 


  1. Oh, no!!! Not just one piece lost from the whole puzzle!! That would be annoying!! And your new puppy is SO darling!! Love your pics of him!! Hope all of you have a great new week, Jo!! Oh, and a replacement for the lost puzzle piece!!!

  2. Oh no! How disappointing for her. I've never heard of getting a replacement piece but if anyone can do it, I'm sure you can. That puppy is soooooo cute. I'd love to give him some hugs. Hugs to you dear Jo! xx

  3. i'm thinking mr puppy vacuumed up that piece. :)

  4. Very good effort to finish the puzzle. They look beautiful. It was nice to hear that they replaced the missing block. Have a nice time!

  5. One piece missing is awful, I hope you can find it or getthe one from source. Your puppy is gorgegous.

  6. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most horrible feeling

  7. that is so horrible.. it is beautiful, I do hope they can send you a piece. that puppy is just adorable and i loved the pic of him laying on your pillow yesterday. I saw it but took Sat/sun off from posting and commenting. i did my to do list and am back today

  8. Hello JO, it is a beautiful puzzle, the scene is pretty. Sorry about the missing piece. Your puppy is just adorable! Have a happy day!


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