Monday, June 15, 2015

Week ending 14 June

Last week was the birthday of grandson #4, Israel. He turned three (free!). We phoned him on his dad's mobile in Mozambique. Although I wished him and asked his age, he kept saying airplane. This was one of his gifts. He'd spent the day on the beach with his five siblings; it sounded like a lot of fun! 
Three-year-old Israel with his airplane! 

Here's Israel with his mum and younger sister, Keren-Happuch
Here is Israel's older sister, Bethany with Keren-Happuch 

A beautiful family! 


Back home Amanda sent me a photo of the littlest Hedges. 
Isn't he cute!

While in the city last week, we stopped at friend, Louise' home. She'd brought my last suitcase back from Mwadui. How lovely it was to catch up on camp news
Three erstwhile Tanzanian friends: Louise, Jo and Rina (can you see how cold we're here?)

Oh and as for Ambrose almost letting the cat out of the bag (excuse the pun), all will be exposed tomorrow! 

Happy Monday to you all. 


  1. Oh you have me on tender hooks now.what are you talking about, I suppose I will have to wait until tomorrow. You grand childdren are all lovely Jo.

  2. A beautiful family and ever growing. Happy Birthday Israel! Same age as Banjo.

  3. Hello, Happy Birthday to Isreal! I the new little Hedges is sweet! Jo, your grandchildren are all adorable. Nice shot of you and your friends, how cold is it there! Keep warm! Have a happy new week ahead!

  4. all the little Hedges are truly beautiful.... i love Keren hopping along the beach and the youngest sleeping is so cute. the plane is a big hit as I can see by the smile splitting his face

  5. Nice pictures of your grandchildren, I have some difficulties with their names, they sound rather strange !


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