Sunday, June 21, 2015

The news is out!

Hi Bozo, Lindy and Mums blog readers. This is Ambrose with the latest on the Hedges aminal household.. 

What's that Unca Shadow? 

Oh. is it A - NI - MAL? 

Last week we kitties were very nervous as a new aminal,  I mean, animal had arrived at our home. Mum told you all about the new puppy in the house. He's very sweet and so far hasn't bothered us kitties. 
Meanwhile we try to keep warm on Mum's 'lectric blanket

Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger give each other the "eye"
The pup sleeps above Mum's pillow on the bed,  in the early morning
He has his own bed covered by blankees. He has many toys as well

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  1. Ah, I do love your four-legged friends, Jo!! Thanks so much for sharing the fun with us!!

  2. just wait until he gets a bit bigger! :)

  3. What a happy little doggie !

  4. I hate to tell you Ambose but I like him very much and prefer dogs to cats...sorry.

  5. HI Ambrose Yes Your Mum showed us the new pup last week. I hope as the pup gets bigger you all can ll get on with him. Have a great week adn keep out of trouble.

  6. Hi Ambrose, the new pup is just adorable. It will be neat to have a new playmate. Enjoy your week!

  7. So have the kitties actually had a closer look yet?


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