Thursday, August 27, 2015

Good fences, Good dog/s!

Last week I posted about taking Skabenga and Eddy for a walk on the golf course. I had many comments about the "brown" golf course. I assure you all, during the summer months we have one of the lushest and greenest golf courses in the country. During winter in the Free State, there is no rain. And there is no water (our huge dams have been neglected, walls were damaged and never repaired, over the past 21 years of democracy. Now even with good summer rains, the water just runs away - no storage!) But that is another story altogether.

Last week I also photographed a couple of fences and odd / eclectic garden ornaments on a property along the golf course.
   This property belongs to Amanda and Angus' neighbor (our neighbor, but one). He's known as Boer S (Farmer S) 
Boer has a pair of beautiful Boerboel dogs (These are known as SA Mastiffs) 
Here the dog sniffs at us as we pass his property! The spiky bars under the dog's chin are known as doggy bars. These prevent smaller dogs escaping from the property
The house next door has an identical fence. I've counted at least four dogs in this yard
Eddy the Lion heart barks at a herd of cattle (who dash off into the field!)
This owner has no fence around his large property
The sign obviously came from the Kalahari Gemsbok Park which is now the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park 
The owner and his wife have brought sandstone pillars, old cars and several desert type plants to grace the wide open space which is their garden
Their home is just beyond the right headlight of this old car. Next to the house are guest suites for hire when people pass through town. This car's lights turn on every couple of minutes. But no matter how long I stood there aiming my camera, it would not "play" for me! 

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  1. love the tree and great old rusty car! pretty dogs. glad they are kept safe!

  2. And this rubbish should be a decoration ?? I think in my area the police would have told them to get that out ! It looks horrible !

  3. HI Jo Do you mean thatrusty old car's head light still work?? Thatold car has GREAT photo opportunities Jo. Love all the fences and dogs. By the way, Jusith (Malawi) have a small dog now but getting a big black Lab of 4 years old also. The children are delighted.

  4. Hello Jo, great collection of fences. I love your Eddy and all the dogs. The tree and old car are neat yard art! Great photos, enjoy your day!

  5. Nice fence to keep those adorable pups safe! I like that rusty old car too!

  6. i love that old rusty car and the beautiful tree, the fence is really nice but looks very dangerous with those sharp edges and that stunning dog with his head out. i can understand keep little ones in, but those points look sharp. i am betting that is an expensive fence. i love those mastiffs. i have a passion for big dogs... i have been Missing because Baby had to have a vet visit and i fell going up the steps into the moible vet bus and hurt both legs... we are doing ok, just hard to sit for long periods

  7. Great photos!
    My husband likes so much old cars!

  8. It's nice to know then that the golf course is at some point pretty and green. - They do have a nice fence around it. Those were handsome looking dogs that your neighbor has and I liked the idea of the small fence at the bottom to help keep in smaller dogs. One of our neighbors should get one like that. - Your other neighbor has a very cool looking yard with that knarly tree and the old car body. I think it's really cool looking.

  9. Nice shots. I especially like the rusted truck!
    I hope to see you at, and please join us each week for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday)!

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