Saturday, August 15, 2015

Late winter critters for Saturday

This week past, I've managed to snap different critters; mainly birds, of course! 
The ubiquitous Crested Barbet 

whose alarm-clock call rings out from morning till night 

A dove sleepily catching the last sun on the wire in our street
We have a pair of Red-eyed Bulbul on our garden

They're still getting fruits and buds from the trees

A yummy berry

Gardeners John and Jacob enjoy their breakfast in the early morning sun. They have strict instructions not to feed Skabenga any tidbits at all

Skabenga is growing in leaps and bounds. To us it looks as though every day he's increased in height and bulk. However, he has a sensitive tummy and I've had to add a powder called Protexin to his meals. It helps to bind the tummy. Meanwhile, I'm also teaching him not to gobble his food. He is fed each meal in three steps, as it were! He also has three small meals a day instead of two or even one, large meal. We're hoping that this will avoid the tragedy we experienced with his predecessor, Angie who died in November from a twisted bowel apparently caused by eating too much food too fast. (and that WAS Angie's habit, dear sweet girl) 

I'm linking my post to Saturday Critters with Eileen, here

Happy weekend to you all! 


  1. beautiful birds! really enjoyed the barbet photos! hope skabenga's stomach will settle down!

  2. HI JO Lovely bird shots. I managed to recognise them all. Loved the video of the pup. HE certainly has grwon up a lot. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. What a great video - I have a dog who wolfs his food down without it touching the sides too! Good luck with the training, I hope it works :)
    Wren x

  4. I think that's the trouble with all dogs they eat so quickly ! You are very right to give him 3 meals per day even our vets recommend this now. Charlie too always gets 3 meals. Skabenga realy has grown so much in the last weeks !

  5. Poor Angie. How painful that must have been. I can certainly understand the wisdom in trying to make sure that doesn't happen to Skabenga. All the bird photos are lovely. xx

  6. Hello, Jo! I love your pretty garden birds. The Crested barbet is a beautiful, I love the Red Eye on the Bulbul and the Dove is sweet. Your Skabenga is just adorable. I hope he learns to eat slowly. Great post and photos. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  7. Gorgeous images of the birds, but, I love Crested Barbet. Superb site.

  8. Oh poor Angie. Sorry about her but happy you have another dog. Glad to see all the beautiful birds in your garden.

  9. we feed Jake and Baby three times a day also, Jake swallows everything he eats WHOLE without chewing. we have to buy dry dog food that is very small and we mix with a lot of water to float it down. before we started putting water with it, he would gulp it down and a few minutes later barf it up and re eat it... he sure is growing and looks sad to not get the tidbits. that first bird is beautiful, looks like one of our Cardinals but painted in all different colors. i found the sound and listened and boy are they noisy

  10. Hi Jo,
    I loved the collection of birds and the training video of Skabenga - great idea to train like that.
    Because the words 'Bulbul' reminded me of the musical instrument with a similar name, viz., 'Bubul Taara' - an Indian string instrument, which I have seen as a kid, I decided to see if there is a connection between the two. And, there is - Bulbul Taara means 'the song of a Nightingale' in Persian, apparently; and, Bulbul is the Persian name for a Nightingale. You might know this already. I enjoyed learning this.
    I have never seen a Nightingale before and it was good to see one.
    Nice post!
    Have a Joyous Weekend!
    Peace :)

  11. Good luck to you, Skabenga! Love your birdies, Jo.

  12. I'd love to have a Bulbul in my garden. What a great looking eye.

  13. These are very interesting birds, some I've never heard of. Thanks for sharing.


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