Friday, August 21, 2015

I [also] DID it!

For the past two months I've had the reminder "Upgrade to Windows 10" appear periodically on my screen. Last Wednesday I finally took the plunge and clicked "UPLOAD" Angus was here with his family - they'd come for dinner. So in between he popped into my office to check all was going smoothly. And it did. Within an hour my Windows 8.1 became Windows 10! 

Purty, isn't it?

That was Wednesday, last week. I didn't find anything too strangely different although I felt the computer was uploading photos and sites too slowly. 

On Sunday night, when I wanted to power off, the icon just hung. So I turned off my notebook manually.

On Monday morning, I turned on the computer again but as I tried to sign in, it gave me a "critical error message"


The word: Cortana appeared there too, giving me a gliff! 

I sent Amanda a Whatsapp telling her what had happened. She replied that she never experienced this in the month she's had Windows 10. But she came over with her laptop. She checked on Google with her phone and her laptop. She held in the shift key and F4 (apparently this is the safe/save key) and voila! She was able to sign me in. I've not had any more problems, thank goodness! 

So all's well that ends well!

Happy Friday to you all.


  1. You are brave. I keep getting messages to upgrade tot Yosemite version of Apple but I keep shelving it...I'm a sook.

  2. Hope your issues resolve. In my desktop computer I have nothing but problems with the page "hanging" or things being very slow. When it works well it works very well and is very fast to find results in searches, to download and upload, etc. I have never discovered what the issue is that causes it to act up so extensively. Maybe it is Windows 8 and it just never "took". Now I have a reminder to download Windows 19 also and I am reluctant to have even more issues. I do like the look of the screen much better though (if it will look like yours). Dare I take the plunge soon?

    1. LOL. Windows 19 should read Windows 10.

  3. you were my inspiration to Try It and i am glad i did. i have an error but is is something from an old program that is in and it doesn't matter, i just close it. next week will google had to fix that... i don't like the photo upload but will live with it... i do love all those boxes on the start menu.... I always have a photo on my desk top, but i love your black screen, it is like my blog and i might give it a try.

  4. I'm debating. You're encouraging. Thanks

  5. yes I keep sseeing the message bit have not done anything about it as yet!! Have a great weekend.

  6. Congrats, I hope all continues to go well with your Windows 10. Have a happy weekend!

  7. I get this message also but I don't want to change, I don't see the reason. I only use Internet and emails and nothing else on my computer, so even the old XP I have on my little laptop which I have to use right now, everything I need works. It doesn't even have Window 8.1 !

  8. 'Upgrade anxiety' may be a modern problem - but that does not mean it is not real!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. It's great you had a friend to help you out!

  10. I must say that I haven't even considered it for one second. I didn't want to chance any problems


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