Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good fences, great ride

Last Sunday Grant and I went out for a bike ride; this was the first time since February. Bikers who were used to going on two-wek-long rides every three months, this trip was well overdue. We only rode to Clarens, 200km towards the east, in the Golden Gate National Park.
Sitting a restaurant, I snapped bikers entering or  leaving the premises, behind the entrance railings

On the way home, Grant stopped at my favorite dam so that I could take photos
I crossed the road to get closer images of the fence with the dam behind it
In Autumn 2008, I attended a weekend photography course in the Clarens/Golden Gate area. This was to get familiar with my new stills camera at the time: an EOS 350 Canon. We drove to this dam at daybreak and as the sun came up I got beautiful photos. I must admit I was rather proud of my "first" attempts at photography!

The fence in the foreground is hardly noticeable, but it's there!

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A happy day to you all!


  1. I miss our bikes...
    Great shots...

  2. the scenery is beautiful and your bike is also.. what a great day trip for both of you.. or did you spend the night somewhere. when i bought my first digital camera in 2002, i took and online course, 25.00 dollars for 12 lessons. it was on how to take photos not how to use the camera. it really helped a lot and then the rest of the time I just played and played and read and snapped...

  3. Hello Jo, so glad you and Grant were able to go out on a ride. The scenery is pretty. Great shots, enjoy your day!

  4. How nice you went for a ride on your bikes. My hubby has a Harley and I've ridden with him a few times but haven't gone in a couple of years. - Neat Dam area, and I did spot the fence.

  5. Hi Jo
    What a beautiful landscape around!!!!

    Have a nice weekendin your so lovely Africa!


  6. All lovely shots from your trip on the bikes.


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