Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Housework -ewwwgh...

My house-lady, Erica is on her annual leave. 


Rina and I have to do the housework. And I abhor housework! Rina does the vacuuming (I draw the line at pushing a humming machine around the floor). Even though we don't have carpets, we have five cats and a pup in different parts of the house so we opted to vacuum rather than sweep the floors.  I dusted and polished the furniture and as Rina finished a room, I'd follow with a squeegy-type mop washing the laminated floors. 

I was up early yesterday morning, loading the washing machine. By 8am, Rina and I had all the laundry hanging on the windy-dryer line behind the garages. 
Shadow poses next to the bucket in which I dunked the squeegy to mop the floors 

I turned up all the cushions on my lounge suite so that Rina could vacuum properly. We searched all over for Skabenga and eventually found him on the lower sofa! 
Skabenga's NOT allowed on the furniture - 
but took a chance as soon as he was able and got onto the sofa! 
Try moving me! (Rina did manage to nudge him off)

Rina and I had finished cleaning the house by 10.30am; we'd done the ironing by 11.30am. We served lunch at 12.30am. I fed John, the gardener at 1pm. 

Then we maids rested in the sun. 


How does anyone do housework all the time? UGH!

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  1. Housework is something I don't really mind doing but it sure eats up the time. I also find I am not nearly as fast as I used to be and so the work is never done for that brief half hour or so before it all starts again. These days it is always in progress, lol. I do my best. x

  2. Ah, I do love that Skabenga!!! Wish he were here with me!! Hope your week is going well, Jo!! Enjoy!!

  3. At least you have someone to take the load off you but I would rather be out enjoying nature anyday than do housework. I would do with Rinia here sometime!

  4. Hello Jo, I agree housework is not fun. At least me and my hubby share the duties. I love the cute shot of Skabenga sleeping on the sofa. Enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. I have been doing house work or helping with it for most of my 71 years, i think i started helping mother when i was 8 or 10... i hate housework and i am ashamed to say what used to bother me, doesn't now. i kept my house spotless all the time. now the four of us live with dust. we do the floors because we have to or be buried in dog hair, i do the bathrooms because i have to... wash linens once a week, but the rest just waits

  6. Welcome to the real world. I had a cleaner while I was working full time but now I am retired it is a luxury I do without to save money. I used to clean once a week but now I have extended to once in two weeks. Like Joyful it takes me longer now days.

  7. Sigh - gorgeous shots of your pets. I hate housework too.

  8. We are sitting in the same boat ! My cleaning lady is also on annual holidays (deep sigh). I do a little bit every day (very little) !


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