Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Something totally new for our grandchildren!

Over the weekend  it struck me that we 60-something grandparents and even our own children took so much for granted while growing up. We thought there would always be analogue watches, handheld calculators, fondue dinner parties and trains, among other things. 

Angus had taken Joel and Abby for a ride on my motorbike. He rode to the Marquard station which is about a kilometer from our home. He saw that a train preparing to come along the tracks so he waited. 

Joel and Abby standing in front of him, were fascinated by the sheer size of the unit pulling the wagons. They had never seen anything like it! Angus told the kids to wave. 

Watch this cute clip which Angus recorded and kindly shared it with me. You can see that the children are not at all sure about this big "monster" never having seen one before. Abby has her hands over her ears, then she comes closer to her dad, saying: I want to stand by you! Immediately Joel says, I'll stand here too. When the hooter blows, you hear a tremulous little voice (Joel) asking: "What was that?"

Take a look:

I just love the nervous little giggle Abby gives when the train came around the bend. And of course, when it slowed down, Joel - ever technical - said "maybe it's run out of coal" ! 

Just watching the train, screech of metal wheels on metal rails and the cluckey-cluck as it disappears down the track, brought back happy memories of my [many] childhood train trips.

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  1. My school was right next to the train tracks, so I watched them go by many times a day and it was always fun to watch.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful video of your grandkids enjoying the train with all of us.
    Have a Happy Week!
    Peace :)

  2. What an experience for the children. I enjoyed hearing their little comments. It's always fun to see and experience the world through a child's eyes.

  3. Hello Jo, what a great video! Your grandchildren are so cute. Their reaction to the train at first is priceles.. Thanks for sharing, Have a happy day!

  4. this video is a priceless memory for your grandkids.. they are so cute, i loved it. and it brought back my memories 2. i could even feel the rocking of the train and when we tried to walk we staggered a little..... we have a train here that for 12.00 a one hour train ride and your kids would love it. i have been on it 3 times and will go agains. i had not thought about trains are not in their memories


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