Saturday, August 12, 2017

All manner of critters

Yesterday morning the dogs and I were out walking while still dark. The waning gibbous moon hung in the navy blue sky above us. As always we have to pass the horse stables and as always, I stop to rub their noses and say hello. 

 Skabenga turns to look back at his Mama with her camera! 

 I had to capture this: the pivot path running through the wheat; the moon hanging above us and a fire in the distance

Once again, a fire had been put in and set alight a large tract of grasslands. Although this flushes out the wildlife, I didn't hear any baying dogs or see any movement around the fire except that of the flames. I zoomed in on the fire especially for my friend, Sandra to enjoy! 

 Skabenga and Eddie tired out after a good hard early morning run along the servitude
 Running along home
 The sun was at its most glorious as we arrived back at the rondawel

 Breakfast on the porch! 
While in the shopping center yesterday afternoon, I saw friend Margie leaning into a car window and talking to someone. I went up to take a closer look and saw this beautiful boy on the backseat of the car. We'd met this chocolate Labrador several months ago when his mommy was sitting on a bench outside Margie's perfume shop. Margie had him on HER lap. He was three months old. His name is Elliot! Yesterday I just had to snap a nine-month-old Elliot for my Saturday Critters post. 

 Isn't he just so adorable ? 
 He wasn't too sure of Margie or me and kept his eye on us! 

As he heard his mom approaching, he visibly relaxed

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  1. I love Elliot's facial expressions in each photo. Priceless :-) The dawn and sunrise are always great aren't they? I always relish the quiet during the sunrise (minus the seagulls here that use that time to fly around and make their cawing sound). So many times I've stayed up all night to catch the morning sunrise. You on the other hand, rise early to catch it with Eddie and Skabenga., lol.

  2. YES, he is adorable and so BIG and still growing. I like Skabenga saying come ON mom... and the moon looks like a giant star beaming out to us. sunrise is gorgeous and YES, I do LOVE the fire... the little pony looks so cute standing next to the big horses.

  3. Enjoyed that walk with you. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend Diane

  4. That sunrise looks like fire too!!! Incredible images of the flames. But, I think I favor your dogs AND the starlit sky above the stable for the horses.

  5. Beautiful landscape and critters.

  6. Eliot is certainly expressive and sweet and I love the amazing walks you and your dogs have ~ delightful post and photos ~ ^_^

  7. Hello, lovely images of the sky and moon. It is great to be able to take your dogs for these walks. I miss having a dog. Cute doggies, all of them! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. Nice images, but I must admit that photos of land on fire are always scary to me after the wildfires my city went through a few years ago. From my blog, Socks is a 12-year-old Pomeranian.

  9. hi Jo! That must be a very special time of the morning to enjoy your animal family & nature! Wonderful moon shots & the gorgeous orange glow of sunrise!
    The chocolate lab is so handsome!

  10. Elliot is a beautiful looking dog.

  11. Sun and moon...fires and lush vegetation....critters. Great post!


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