Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hello everybody. Yes, I have a report back on this weekend's Parkrun and yes, I didn't do the 5km again. I was still nursing my bruised foot and volunteered at the Parkrun instead. 

However, as I mentioned in Monday's post, this [Tuesday] morning I'll be joining my friends and doing a rather "climby" hike on private property. More about that later. 

Meanwhile, here goes about Parkrun. 
 As always, I love the four-legged participants 

In earlier Parkrun posts, I mentioned John Muirhead who was Grant's walking companion until he went in for double knee replacement early in April. John has recovered so well and although he's done a half Parkrun (3km), this weekend was the first time he completed the full course.  
 Grant and John before the start of the Parkrun on Saturday  
 Two serious contenders limber up before the start 
 I always walk about 50 meters ahead of the start so that I can get action shots of  the walkers/runners as they pass

 While I waited ahead for the start, I took several photos of the beautiful scenery. I also took quite a few photos of the fence and gate nearby 
 And the Parkrun is on ! The couple in front run together until she overtakes him and beats him (see further down) 
 Friends Pamela and Marelize are serious runners 

To encourage the children to stick with something they've started out doing (in this case doing the 5km Parkrun regularly), after completing ten Parkruns, you're issued with a certificate. 

This Saturday, eight-year-old Sinakho Dlamini was awarded her certificate by the Winterton Parkrun director, Ezmarie Neethling. I wasn't at the start (as I waited for the runners to come running about 50 meters ahead) but caught this precious little girl passing me with her certificate clutched in her hands. 

Eight-year-old Sinakho has shown consistency and tenacity by completing ten Parkruns. Here she clutches her certificate to prove this! 
 Parkrun is for all ages. Here a dad carries his little girl (all the way) allowing her mum ran the route in record time! 

 John, center, sets off valiantly to try and complete the whole course 
Grant didn't "sweep" the course this week but stayed at the back all the same

 I returned to the start where the volunteers were enjoying their complimentary Cuppa-chinos

All too soon it was time to walk back along the track to wait for the first runner. It was an "unknown" which means he's not registered or hadn't handed his card in to be scanned as he came into the finish. 

This man finished the 5km in under 19 minutes 

Remember the couple in front of the runners when they started? Well, she (Rika) pounded into the stadium with great energy and enthusiasm. 
 Rika completes the course in 23 minutes and 48 seconds 

Rika says that she was aware of a runner hot on her heels and was determined to stay in the lead. 
 Khanyisani Xaba came in after Rika at 23 minutes 59 seconds! (Rika's husband finished at 26 minutes) 
 Pamela finished in 35 minutes 16 seconds
 Marelize who's suffering with a sore hip, came in at 41 minutes
 Ant Muirhead, with whom I did my personal best last time I walked, came in at 48 minutes. Ant, next weekend we'll do it again! 

There are many people around the country who have completed 50 and 100 Parkruns. They wear the T-shirt to prove it. The couple below (Winsome Backe-hansen and Mark Philbin)  are 100'ers but they have another mission: to see how many Parkruns they can do at different venues. This weekend they completed their 26th Parkrun at a different venue. When I spoke to them afterwards, they mentioned which were the most difficult tracks: one being Thousand Hills Parkrun. They also mentioned that Parkruns along the beach were particularly challenging due to almost half being run on sea sand. I mentioned that there is a Parkrun breakfast offered at Waffle Hut, Mark said he's come for the waffle! 

 Visitors, Winsome and Mark do Parkruns all over the country 
 A visitor from Bergville and one of the two dogs at Saturday's Parkrun
 Alan Leggit, at 88 is our oldest contender and did the 5km walk in 58 minutes and 12 seconds 

Ant and I walked back to see where Grant and John were. I zoomed in on the several walkers and saw that Grant was walking with Gavin Muirhead (John's son) Gavin was late and came across the fields from his farm and joined Grant at the 2km marker. Now that's enthusiasm! 
 Grant and Gavin striding along deep in conversation! 
Finally, John came in at 1 hour 15 minutes having completed the whole course this week. Well done John! 

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  1. It looks like such fun. Glad you are feeling better and able to participate next time.

  2. What a brilliant initiative. I hope you are soon able to run again - and that your walk/climb goes well.

  3. Well done to all! It was interesting hearing about each runner and especially about the cute young girl who received her precious certificate. I'm glad yu didn't push yourself to run this week Jo. It is better that your foot heal properly first so you can have many walks and runs ahead. xx

  4. Hello, Jo! Some of those times seem almost like Olympic records to me. Kudos to everyone , I think it is great to see all the age groups and that everyone finished. I like the doggies too. You were the great photographer! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  5. you have a lot of serious runners in this park run. I need to see if here is a club here like this one

  6. Excellent coverage of the run Jo. Oh my gosh you really have to admire many of the participants for their determination!

  7. Wonderful coverage of the event.

  8. People really do seem to come out for this event and enjoy it!

  9. Oh, Jo, how wonderful...especially the darling 8-year-old...ten...count 'em...TEN parkruns at her age. This is a girl who is going to go far in life.
    Hugs to you and Grant,
    and our new pup Bonnie-Belinda, age 2 and full of energy...she and Dick go for at least one long walk and one short run every day. Dick has three out-of-town trips coming up, and I know Bonnie will be disappointed that I don't go for long walks. I will try to walk as far as the post office every day. She knows the route, and, coming out of the house, knows to turn right when Dick says "mail" so I'll do the same, and maybe she'll forgive me for not walking around the coulee.


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