Thursday, August 17, 2017

Saturday through Thursday!

Last Saturday Grant and I didn't take part in the Parkrun; instead we met biking friends of ours for a breakfast run at the Nottingham Road Hotel in a village by the same name. 

Many years ago when Grant and I stayed at this same hotel, we queried the fact that they didn't have off-street parking for our [then] Harley Davidson Sportster. The sweet young receptionist said no problem, bring your Harley into the foyer and park it here. 

Which Grant did with a great roar of exhausts and throttle. Just then about half a dozen farmers rushed out of the pub and said if a Harley can be parked in the hotel, they want to park their farm pick-up trucks there as well! 
Grant, Jo, Jo and Lee 

On Tuesday I joined my hiking friends on a long walk along Porcupine Ridge to the Garden of Eden and back to our starting point. (12km) There was plenty of climbing (and getting your heart rate up), lots of descent and of course, a beautiful stop for tea at Cathkin Dam. 
 Cathkin Dam with Champagne Castle peaking out in the distance 
 One of the many steep inclines on our walk

After the hike, two friends gave me a lift to Grant;s workshop and later on we came home up on the hill. Then on Tuesday evening, while in the large house, I rounded the corner past my deep freeze too quickly, my right foot slipped out under me and I flew across the concrete floor. When I got up, I realized I had hurt my knee and calf muscles with the fall. Sure enough, during the night, I expienced excrutiating pain in my upper right leg, the pain was a little less in the knee and then spasmed awfully in the calf muscles. Yesterday morning, friend Estelle took me our local paramedics in the Valley. They prodded and felt and asked where it pained. The diagnosis was that I'd stretched (torn?) the muscles above my knee which cause severed pain in the calf muscles. 

The paramedics gave me Voltaren tabs to take and also strapped up my leg which gave me immediate relief. 

Great hilarity when we arrived at Steve and Estelle when Steve brought out his late mother's walker to use from the car to the house. 
Moi with the walking frame 

So I'm such a nutter: I hike up, down and along strenous mountain paths; I do the Parkrun every week but walking through the house, I slip and damage my leg/calf. Remember how I injured my foot about a month ago slipping off packing crates and sitting on my foot on the floor? 




  1. Hello Jo, love the photos from your hike. The views are fabulous. I am sorry you hurt your leg, I hope you heal quickly. Take care! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  2. the answer to your staying safe is never go home, just stay out hiking/biking/camping and having fun. LOL... you do look cute with your walker. hope the pain is better by now

  3. Feel better soon! Heal quickly!

  4. Those views make it all worthwhile!

  5. Oh dear Jo, sorry for your mishap. I hope you will recover nicely and without pain. You may wish to use some walking poles to help you get around. More lovely scenery in your area. Hugs and kisses, xoxo

  6. oh Dear you area bit accident prone Jo but I hope u r on the mend now.


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