Saturday, August 5, 2017

Big, beautiful black critters

In my post about the beautiful hike we had on a private nature reserve this week, I posted one photo of the hosts' young Great Danes. They accompanied the group on the walk. When we arrived back at Paul and Ricky's house, they both made themselves most comfortable among the hikers. 

 Hector sitting straight up and large as life on the leather sofa
 Sheba watches as Hector (later) ambles up to the other sofa and hops up 

 Hector wriggles his bottom a little...
 ...slides down...
...and soon, both dogs are occupying a sofa each

I simply adored both these dogs. Hector is under a year and Sheba is 18 months old. Although they seem to "take over", they were both well-behaved and obeyed immediately their master gave a command. 

I hope you enjoyed my different "critters" today. I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen, here 

As this post is aired this morning, I'll be taking part in my first Parkrun after a three-week layoff. I don't think I'll even reach my previous personal best which I achieved with friend, Anthony, but at least I'm back on the track again! 



  1. Very beautiful critters. I hope your Parkrun goes well.

  2. Beautiful Great Danes and this brought back great memories for me. Many years ago in Rhodesia I had a Dane who never left my side. Normally very gentle he showed his other side when we had a break in to the house and also one day when the police came to see my father when we were out. He allowed them on the the property but would not let them off! It was several hours later when the gardener found them trapped on our veranda LOL.
    Have a great weekend Diane

  3. These two superb dogs made me think of the slogan "Black is beautiful".

  4. you already know these critters are my most favorite of all critters on this earth. and these are so BIG... I would love to hug them both. and they need their on sofa... bob's dauther has 2 great danes, both are rescues because they were born deaf... love this post... but you knew I would

  5. Such beautiful creatures! Good luck with Parkrun. Slow and steady!

  6. Aren't they just fabulous dogs Jo! One of my past neighbors had two black great Danes and although they were both pretty soppy 😀 and friendly, just the size of them scared me a little.

  7. Hello, Jo. Hector and Sheba are both beautiful dogs. I have always loved big dogs, they can be so gentle. I wish I could give them both a hug. Good luck on your parkrun. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. They are so friendly dogs and so easy to put on your lap, lol !


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