Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Howick Falls

Last week we were in Howick on business.  Grant had to meet a man at 10.30; then he was due to meet another at 12.30. At 1.15 he arranged to again meet the first man at his place of business. We did some pretty fancy footwork fitting all this in - and on the hottest day we've had in three months! 

In between meetings,  I mentioned that I'd never seen the Howick Falls

So we drove down to see them! 

 I always like quirky signs like the ones above! 

A busker gave a rather emotional rendition of Amazing Grace while we were there 

Yesterday our two youngest grandchildren came into the rondawel as Grant arrived home. I was busy in the room next door but heard them ask Grant all about the cats: how old was Ginger; why is Chappie the only girl kitty; which toy does Ambrose like... 
Kezzy (Keren) stroking Ginger 
Here Kezzy places Shawn the Sheep next to a purring Ginger 
Israel gives Granny a big smile for the camera 

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  1. The falls look amazing.
    As do your grands. And the fur family.

  2. Sweet photos of the grandchildren. I love all the scenery too. The Falls are quite lovely. Grant looks dapper all dressed up for his business meetings. Have a wonderful week ahead. I look forward to your email.

  3. Hello Jo, the waterfall is beautiful. I like the signs too, Niagara is really far away. LOL!
    Your grandchildren are adorable, cute smile. Enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  4. With all of our rain in Florida, a little elevation would make for some nice falls. Unfortunately, the state's average elevation is 17 feet (I've been told...and I believe it)

  5. those falls are AMAZING!!!! Wow!!! and the kids are so cute, love that big grin for granny...

  6. The water fall is high! And beautiful!

  7. Cool pictures.Have a nice day.

  8. Those falls are amazing. The grandkids are so cute.


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