Thursday, August 3, 2017

CWC Ikhayalamafu

Finally this week I pulled on my hiking boots and set off to meet fellow hikers of the Champagne Valley Walking Club (CWC) at the designated spot. We initially walked up to the house of Paul and Ricky Brogan who own Ikhayalamafu ** a private nature reserve nestled directly under Champagne Castle and Cathkin Peak. 

 Waiting for the last walkers to arrive
 The first view we had of Cathkin Peak and Champagne Castle as we walked up to the house 

Walking up the rough track to Paul and Ricky's home
Gathering at the house before Paul takes us on a hike... 

 ...through indigenous forests...
...past many beautiful waterfalls...
...under cool cliff overhangs...

  ...and up steep mountain paths  
Lynette and I always take photos. Because we're behind our cameras, I take photos of her and she takes photos of me - normally taking photos! 

Near a mountain stream, Alan pointed out a spoor - made by a leopard!
 Some places we had to negotiate ladders to get to the next level 
 At a point near our tea spot, Paul's Great Dane, Hector came back to see where we, the second and slower group, were
 Tea in a clearing ...
...under another magnificent waterfall  

 Making our way down the mountain through another indigenous forest 

 A wooden mushroom growing out of a tree trunk 
 Above us was the Sphinx, a landmark on another trail up this mountain
My friend, Jenny loves it when we get out onto open paths - she can then admire the view, she says 
A sign announcing Paul and Ricky's property, which is private
Natal bottlebrush already showing early blooms 
 Then it was the steep descent back to our hosts' home (just visible in the valley) 

Back at the house, Ricky had laid on tea, coffee and her trademark milk tart. What a wonderful treat for hungry hikers. 
 Ricky and Paul with Hector
 Some of the ladies resting on the patio
 Alan (88) - closest and Anthony (77) with braces - our two oldest hikers - always an inspiration to us
 Hector enjoys the rest with Dave 
Hector and Sheba (the female Great Dane) accompanied us on the hike. More about these two dogs later 

We enjoyed a 6km round hike which took us just under four hours with a tea stop and the delicious fare Ricky provided at the end. 

** Meaning of Ikhayalamafu is House in the clouds


  1. Definitely intrepid. That walk/clamber is beyond me, but I loved the photos.

  2. So glad you see you made it safely up and down the mountain. It is a lovely area and it was good of your hosts to serve you afterward :-)

  3. Hello, Jo! That sounds like a decent walk. Converting close to 4 miles. How was your foot feeling, good I hope!
    I love the views and waterfalls, pretty flower. The dogs are beautiful. The treat at the end sounds great. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. What a beautiful landscape to hike through!

  5. Another great adventure with some great pics. Good luck tomorrow on your parkrun!

  6. Your walking group seems to be very nice ! Nicole wants me to come with her in our walking group here, apparently it's very nice too I mean the people, but I am hesitating because of my breath, I don't know if I am able to walk the up and downs !Anyway so far it was raining or too hot !


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