Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday, Monday

Nothing never happens in the Valley! 

Does that make sense?

Yip. A double negative, means it's positive! 

What I'm saying is that there is always something to do, to view and to photograph here in the Valley. 

On Sunday morning Skabenga gave voice at something in the sky. I couldn't as yet see it, but Grant looked up and pointed at an aeroplane towing a glider. There was a glider event in the Valley and this was part of a display. (I think...)

An aeroplane towing a glider high up above us 

The weather has warmed up considerably. So much so that yesterday Elijah and Israel were filling up Skabenga's plodging bowl wearing their own version of swimming trunks! 
 As you know, the dogs and I never miss our daily walk along the servitude 
Recently we've started going out twice or three times. The dogs love it! 



  1. Love that there is always something for you to do, see, enjoy...

  2. It's nice there is always something to do where you live. I smiled at the little boys in their undies outside. When I was young this is how children did things and no one batted an eye. These days you would never see that and if one did, the parents would probably be reported for neglect! It's too bad things have changed in this country from the innocence of yore. Though it is still a great place to live I miss some of the things I remember (unlocked doors, squishy feet in mud, children walking to and fro to school alone, women able to move about freely, and so on). Take care dear heart. Enjoy those little ones and, of course, the dogs who are always friendly and happy :-)

  3. Hello, neat captures of the glider being towed. It must be warm there if the grands are playing in the water. Cute shot of Eddie and Skabenga. The dogs do love their walks. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  4. all that walking and hiking is how you keep your weight down so well, I need to do that to and I don't and that is a problem. glad it is warm enough to take a dip.... cute pic of the boys.. dogs know long before we do...

  5. Lovely weathered for planes and walks. I am a bit confused( again). As I thought your family had moved to your last home

  6. It looks like pleasant weather conditions.


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